Jan 052012

2012 Strand Book Stall Sale from Jan 5 to Jan 222012 Strand Book Stall Sale

The 2012 annual Strand Book Stall Sale is from January 5, 2012 (Thursday) to January 22, 2012 (Sunday).

Strand Book Stall is offering a minimum discount of 40% and a maximum discount of 80%. This seems to be the first time that Strand Book Stall is offering a minimum discount of 40%.

Location of the 2012 Strand Book Stall Sale/Festival is Sunderbhai Hall, which is a little ahead of Churchgate station’s railway platform number 4 and just behind the Income Tax Office.



T. N. Shanbhag, the founder of Strand Book Stall in Mumbai.Strand Book Stall

Strand Book Stall is located in Fort, Mumbai and is one of Mumbai’s most respected book shops. Padmashree T.N. Shanbhag started Strand Book Stall in 1948. T.N. Shanbhag started with a book kiosk in Strand cinema. That is how Strand Book Stall got its name. The book stall later moved to its current location at “Dhannur”, Sir P. M. Road, Fort, Mumbai 400001.

The Strand Book Stall website has a moving tribute to T.N. Shanbhag which explains his difficult childhood, his love for books and the evolution of his book store over the years. Strand Book Stall’s T.N. Shanbhag, passed away peacefully in his sleep on February 27, 2009. He was 84 years old.

In 1995, T.N. Shanbhag’s daughter, Vidya Virkar, opened a branch in Bangalore.



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