Best And Famous Waterfalls Near Mumbai And Pune

This is a list of the best waterfalls near Mumbai and Pune. Most waterfalls near Mumbai and Pune are in the hilly Western Ghat (“Sahyadri”) mountain range. Most of these waterfalls are not perennial and are only formed during the Monsoon season.



Mulshi Dam Falls – Ashtdhara Waterfall and Palshe Water Fall

Mulshi Dam and Tamhini Waterfalls among best near Mumbai, PuneLOCATION: Mulshi Dam and Palase Village

Area around Mulshi Dam (on Mula River) is a beautiful green valley. Mulshi Dam is a Must-Visit place during the rainy season. There are clouds everywhere and many waterfalls dot the landscape. On the road to Palshe (or Palase) village, eight waterfalls in a row cascade down from the mountain. These are called the Ashtdhara Waterfalls. These waterfalls combine and form one large waterfall. Valne Ghat offers an amazing view of Mulsi Dam. Other attractions near Mulshi Dam include Lavasa, Pavana Lake, Tamhini Waterfall and Amby Valley.

Further from Mulshi Dam is Tamhini Ghat, which is a 15 Km mountain pass in the Sahyadri that connects Mulshi, Lavasa and Pune with the North Konkan region. There are dense forests along Tamhini Ghat and during the monsoon season many waterfalls are formed along the Tamhini Ghat road.


Malshej Ghat – Excellent Destination In The Monsoon

Malshej Ghat And Its Waterfalls Are Famous In The RainsLOCATION: Malshej Ghat

Malshej Ghat is a “Must Visit” place during the Monsoon season. On the road to Malshej Ghat one leaves the plains in the west and climbs onto the hilly elevated Deccan Plateau. The scenic beauty of Malshej Ghat and the Sahyadri Hills (Western Ghats) is stunning; more so during the rainy season when there is greenery and waterfalls all around. In the monsoon, there are numerous waterfalls for visitors to get wet under. All vehicles get wet under waterfalls near the famous Malshej Ghat Tunnel. The MTDC hotel at the top of Malshej Ghat Mountain pass offers among the best views. A short distance South East of Malshej Ghat is Pimpalgaon Joga Dam, which receives flamingoes and other migratory birds between November and February. Other tourist attractions near Malshej Ghat are Shivneri Fort (birth place of Shivaji Maharaj), Lenyadri (Buddhist Caves) and Harishchandragad Fort.

NOTE: During the monsoons, be cautious of clouds of the road, mist, people bathing under waterfalls on the road, rock fall and slippery road.


Igatpuri Waterfalls

Igatpuri Is Popular In The Monsoon Because Of WaterfallsLOCATION: Igatpuri, near Ghatandevi Temple

Located at the end of Thal Ghat near Kasara, Igatpuri offers beautiful views of mountains and valleys. The magic of monsoons brings greenery and waterfalls to this hilly area. Near the Ghatandevi Temple (Goddess who protects the Ghats), are a series of 5 waterfalls which are a popular tourist attraction during the rains. Other keys attractions at Igatpuri are Dhamma Giri Meditation Centre (Pagoda that offer Vipassana meditation courses), Camel Valley, Bhatsa River Valley, Tringalwadi Fort and Tringalwadi Lake. 7 kms from the highway near Kasara town is a left that goes under a railway track; 4 Kms further on this road is the Vihigaon waterfall (13 Km before Igatpuri). Vihigaon waterfall is formed during the rains when the village pond overflows over the hill. Visitors can enjoy rappelling and rock climbing on Sundays when the waterfall is flowing. Visitors driving to Igatpuri from Pune, via Malshej Ghat, have the opportunity to visit two scenic hill stations.


Bushi Dam Waterfall, Lonavala – Popular Day Picnic Place

Bushy Dam is a Popular Picnic Spot During The MonsoonLOCATION: Jalvaayu Marg, Lonavala, 6.5 Km from Lonavala Railway Station, 5.5 Km from Old Mumbai-Pune Highway, 8 Km from Expressway Exit at Lonavala

This is not a natural waterfall but created during the Monsoon when water from Bushy Dam overflows on the steps on the side of the dam. It is a relatively safe place to enjoy a waterfall experience and hence it is a great place for families with young kids. During rains, expect large crowds on weekends and holidays. Short distances from Bushi Dam are small natural waterfalls which are also popular with visitors. Combine a visit to Bhushi Dam with the other attractions of Lonavala – Khandala (Tiger Point, Kune Falls, Pavana Lake, etc) and this becomes a great day trip for the family.

NOTE: Do not swim in the dam. Every year people drown in this dam. Expect large crowds, some unruly, on holidays.



Thoseghar Waterfall, Satara

Thoseghar Fall Is A Famous, Tall Waterfall Near SataraLOCATION: 25 Kms South-West of Satara, near Tarali Dam

Thoseghar Waterfalls is a waterfall 25 Kms South-West of Satara and on the Eastern edge of Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary. Thoseghar Waterfall is among the tallest waterfalls in India. A concrete viewing platform has been constructed from where visitors can view Thoseghar Waterfall. The main attraction of Thoseghar Waterfall is the drive to the waterfall, the scenic beauty around the falls and the wind farms (Chalkewadi) near the fall. Other attractions near Thoseghar and Satara are Kas Plateau Valley, also known as Valley of Flowers, Kas Lake, Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, Vajrai Waterfall, Koyna Dam, Bamnoli Boat Club (boating), Tapole (boating), Ajinkyatara Fort, Sajjangad Fort (Samadhi of Chatrapati Shivaji), Nandgiri (Kalyangad) Fort,

NOTE: Visitors can not bathe under Thoseghar Waterfalls.


Vajrai Waterfall, Bhambavali, Satara

Vajrai Waterfall is a Perennial Waterfall Near Satara LOCATION: Near Kaas Lake, Kaas Road, 27 Kms West of Satara

Vajrai Waterfall is among the few perennial waterfalls in Maharashtra. With a height of 850+ feet, Vajraj Waterfall is also among the tallest waterfalls in Maharashtra. Vajrai Waterfalls is located 5 Km from the amazing Kas Plateau Valley (“Valley of Flowers”); it is also close to Kaas Lake and Bhambavli village. Vajrai Waterfall is 27 Kms from Satara, 140 Kms from Pune and 282 Km from Mumbai. During the rainy season, the entire region near the waterfall becomes green. Tourist interested in exploring the Vajrai Waterfalls and the area around it can hire a guide from Bhambavli village. Please see the above description of Thoseghar Waterfall for information on attractions near Vajrai Waterfall and Satara.

NOTE: The water under Vajrai Waterfall is deep, so bathing is not advisable.


Bhivpuri Waterfall – Easy To Reach From Mumbai And Pune

Bhivpuri Fall is a Famous Picnic Spot Near Mumbai, PuneLOCATION: Near Bhivpuri Train Station on the CST-Karjat Suburban Line

Bhivpuri Waterfalls offers a wonderful waterfall, a nice trek, lovely hills and ample greenery. Falling for a tall height, visitors can enjoy a bath under Bhivpuri Waterfall. Bhivpuri Waterfalls is popular with Mumbai picnickers because it is relatively easy to reach; even for those without a vehicle. Bhivpuri Railway station is on the Central Railway’s CST-Karjat Suburban Local Train Line. It is located between Neral and Karjat stations. Visitors travelling by train can get off either at Karjat or Bhivpuri Railway Station and take an auto to the Bhivpuri Waterfalls, which are 3 Km from Bhivpuri Station. Tata Power has a hydro-electricity plant near Bhivpuri. 26 Kms South are the Zenith Waterfalls, near Khapoli, and 15 Kms north are the Vangani Waterfalls.

NOTE: The trek from Bhivpuri station to Bhivpuri Waterfall can be a little challenging for the elderly.


Chinchoti Waterfall, Tungareshwar Waterfall

Chinchoti or Tungareshwar Waterfall is near VasaiLOCATION: In Tungareshwar National Park, 12 Kms East of Vasai Road Station

Located in the Tungareshwar National Park, Chinchoti Waterfalls are also called Tungareshwar Waterfalls. Since these waterfalls are in a National Park, the area is covered with dense trees. Chinchoti Waterfall is located at a height of 2000+ feet. It’s an adventurous trek from the base of the hill to the Chinchoti Waterfall (Tungareshwar Waterfall). There is one large waterfall and many smaller waterfalls. Tunganeshwar Waterfall is located 6 Kms from the Mumbai-Ahmadabad highway (near Sativali village) and 12 Kms from Vasai Railway Station. Auto-rickshaws are available till Sitaram Bapu Mandir, which is the starting point of the trek. Tungareshwar Temple is a famous Hindu temple in the hills, near the falls. Kamandurg Peak is another attraction near the falls.

NOTE: Every year there are reports of deaths of visitors to Tungareshwar, because of the terrain. Do be cautious.


Lingmala Waterfall – Mahableshwar’s Most Famous Fall

Lingmala Is The Most Famous Of Mahabaleshwar's WaterfallsLOCATION: On the Mahabaleshwar-Panchgani road.

During the monsoon, Mahabaleshwar is a hill station of breath-taking beauty. The green hills, the cool climate, the greenery around and numerous waterfalls, make Mahableshwar a magical place in the rainy season. Lingmala Waterfall is one the most famous falls in and around Mahabalehwar. The Venna River is the source of Lingmala Falls. Lingmala Waterfall is situated 6 Kms from Mahableshwar along the Mahabaleshwar-Panchgani road. A large part of the attraction of Lingmala is the route to the falls, which is via a forest and over a series of steps. Other popular waterfalls near Mahabaleshwar are Dhobi Waterfall, Bhilar Waterfall, Mandakani Waterfalls, Ale’s Waterfall, Kelghar Falls, Needle Point Falls, and Chinaman’s Waterfall.

NOTE: During the monsoon, expect large crowds on weekends and holidays.

NOTE: Visitors can not bathe in this waterfall.


Zenith Waterfalls, Khapoli

Zenith Fall At Khopoli Is A Famous Waterfall Near Mumbai, PuneLOCATION: Near Zenith Factory, Khopoli

Zenith Waterfall is a popular destination during the rains, because of its proximity to Mumbai and Pune and the ease of reaching the falls. Zenith Waterfall is a 40 minute walk from Khopoli Railway Station. To reach Zenith Fall, one has to wade through a shallow stream and walk through a forest area. All this adds to the charm of Zenith Waterfall. Once the monsoon is over, visitors can enjoy rappelling and rock climbing here.

NOTE: Expect large crowds on holidays. Do be cautious of the waterfall that comes down with force, the slippery rocks and the pond that is formed at the base of the fall.


PLEASE NOTE: Waterfalls can be dangerous because of landslides, rock fall, slippery surface, deep waters, etc. Please be cautious.

NOTE: The above list is based on the views of the author.


Map of the Best Waterfalls Near Mumbai And Pune

This map has the location of the best waterfalls near Mumbai and Poona.


List of Waterfalls in Maharashtra

  • Kune Waterfall – (Near Duke at Khandala, District Pune)
  • Rajmachi Waterfall – (Near Khandala, District Pune)
  • Tiger Falls – (Near Lonavala, District Pune)
  • Bushi Dam – (Near Lonavala, District Pune)
  • Tamhini Waterfalls – (Tamhini Ghat, District Pune)
  • Gavlideo Hill Fall – (Thane – Belapur Road, District Thane)
  • Bhivpuri Waterfall – (Bhivpuri, District Thane)
  • Dabhosa Waterfall – (Near Jawhar, District Thane)
  • Chinchoti (Tungareshwar) Waterfall – (Tungareshwar, Near Vasai, District Thane)
  • Zenith Waterfall – (Khopoli, District Thane)
  • Malsej Ghat Waterfalls – (Malshej Ghat, District Thane)
  • Usarvardhane Waterfall – (Near Kansai Village, District Thane)
  • Vihigaon Waterfall – (Vihigaon, Near Itarsi, District Thane)
  • Tigher Waterfall – (Near Karjat, District Thane)
  • Pandavkada Fall – (Kharghar, District Raigad)
  • Peb Waterfall – (Road to Matheran, District Raigad)
  • Tapalwadi Fall – (Road to Matheran, District Raigad)
  • Garambi Waterfall – (Near Murud, District Raigad)
  • Ramdharneshwar Waterfall – (Near Alibag, District Raigad)
  • Sawatkada Waterfall – (Near Alibag, District Raigad)
  • Lingamala Waterfall – (Mahabaleshwar – Panchgani Road, District Satara)
  • Bhilar Waterfall – (Mahabaleshwar – Panchgani Road, District Satara)
  • Needle Point Waterfall – (Mahabaleshwar – Panchgani Road, District Satara)
  • Mandakini Waterfall – (Near Mahabaleshwar, District Satara)
  • Ale’s Waterfall – (Near Mahabaleshwar, District Satara)
  • Dhobi Falls – (Near Mahabaleshwar, District Satara)
  • Kelghar Waterfall – (Near Mahabaleshwar, District Satara)
  • Chinaman’s Waterfall – (Near Mahabaleshwar, District Satara)
  • Thoseghar Waterfall – (Thoseghar, near Satara, District Satara)
  • Vajrai Waterfall – (Near Kaas Lake, District Satara)
  • Chirkehind Waterfall – (Ambenali Ghat, District Satara)
  • Ozarde Waterfall – (Nawaja, Near Koynanagar, District Satara)
  • Dudhsagar Waterfall – (Near Nasik, District Nashik)
  • Dugarwadi Waterfall – (Near Trimbakeshwar, District Nashik)
  • Marleshwar Waterfall – (Near Devrukh, District Ratnagiri)
  • Nivali Falls – (Near Dhamani, District Ratnagiri)
  • Dodhvne Tivre Falls – (Near Sangameshwar, District Ratnagiri)
  • Sawatkada Waterfall – (Chiplun, District Ratnagiri)
  • Kandhar Waterfall – (Kandhar, District Sangli)
  • Randha Falls – (Near Bhandardara, District Ahmednagar)
  • Umbrella Falls – (Bhandardara, District Ahmednagar)
  • Bhildari Valley Waterfalls – (Kannad, District Aurangabad)
  • Barki Waterfall – (Near Barki Reservior, District Kolhapur)
  • Palsambe Waterfall – (Palsambe, District Kolhapur)
  • Ramatirth Waterfall – (Near Ajara, District Kolhapur)
  • Berki Waterfall – (Near Gaganbawda, District Kolhapur)
  • Napne Falls – (District Sindhudurg)
  • Amboli Ghat Falls – (Amboli Ghat, District Sindhudurg)
  • Nagartas Waterfall – (Amboli Ghat, District Sindhudurg)
  • Vyaghreshwar waterfall – (District Sindhudurg)
  • Savdav Waterfall – (Near Kankavli, District Sindhudurg)
  • Chinchghar Waterfall – (Near Nandgaon, District Sindhudurg)
  • Sahastrakund Waterfall – (Near Himayatnagar, District Nanded)





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