Best Places To See And Best Things To Do In Mumbai

Listed below are the best tourist attractions, best places to see and things to do in Mumbai. Mumbai’s best tourist places are listed by region (South + Centre and West + North) and by type of attraction.




SOUTH & CENTRAL MUMBAI: Places to Visit and Things to Do

1. BEAUTIFUL ARCHITECTURE: South Mumbai is home to beautiful buildings built in the late 19th century and first half of the 20th century. Many of these buildings are in the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture, which is a mix of Gothic, Victorian, Hindu and Muslim architecture, and Art Deco style. Among the most impressive buildings in South Mumbai are the CST Station (previously called Victoria Terminus), BMC Headquarters, Museum, Elphinstone College, St Xavier’s College, National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), Mumbai University, Bombay High Court, Rajabhai Tower, Gateway Of India, Taj Mahal Hotel, Police Headquarters, Western Railways Headquarters, Maharashtra Legislature Building, David Sassoon Library, curved buildings around Horniman Circle Garden,Town Hall (Asiatic Library), Reserve Bank of India, St Thomas Cathedral and Holy Name Cathedral. Please visit this link for a One Day Walking Tour of Mumbai’s Main Tourist Places.


CST (VT Station) is one of Mumbai's Must Visit Places


2. CST (or VT) STATION: Victoria Terminus (VT), or Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) as it is now called, is one of two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Mumbai. This is a beautiful building built in 1887, in the “Indo-Saracenic” style of architect.

3. BMC HEADQUARTERS: Both this building and VT/CST Station are designed by architect Frederick William Stevens. Located opposite VT Station, the BMC Headquarter is one of the most beautiful buildings in Mumbai.

4. FORT, D N ROAD, CHURCHGATE AND OVAL MAIDAN: This bustling area is a mix of offices, residential buildings and tourist landmarks. On one side of the long Oval Maidan (Park) are the Bombay High Court, Rajabhai Tower and Mumbai University, which are built in the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture and on its opposite side are building in the Art-Deco style. Mumbai is home to the second largest collection of Art-Deco buildings in the world.

5. MUMBAI’S HERITAGE MILE: Route of Mumbai’s “Heritage Mile” covers Fort (Flora Fountain), D N (Dadabhai Naoroji) Road, VT/CST Station and Crawford market. The highlight of this stretch is the gorgeous British era buildings.

6. MARINE DRIVE, NARIMAN POINT AND CHOWPATTY: Marine Drive is a beautiful 4.3 Km long sea facing promenade. Also called “Queen’s Necklace” because of its shape, it has Nariman Point at its Southern tip and the golden sand beach of Chowpatty at its Northern end. In the center of Marine Drive are 5 cricket grounds and the Tarapore Aquarium. Marine Drive is home to the second largest collection of Art Deco buildings in the world. Please visit this link for Tourist Information on Marine Drive.

CHOWPATTY BEACH: The best golden sand beach in Southern Mumbai. In addition to sun, sand and scenic beauty, visitors can also enjoy Mumbai street food. Chowpatty Beach is a must visit on immersion day during the popular Ganesh Festival. At Chowpatty visitors can take short pleasure boat trips and enjoy water sports. Please visit this link for more tourist information on Chowpatty Beach.

7. GATEWAY OF INDIA: This lovely arched structure was built during the British Raj to celebrate the visit of King George V. Gateway of India is one of Mumbai’s most popular tourist destination. It is also the location for boat rides to Elephanta Caves, Mandwa (and Alibag) and short pleasure trips on the Arabian Sea. Opposite the Gateway of India is the iconic Taj Mahal Hotel. This link has information on Boat Trips From Gateway Of India To Elephanta Caves.


Boats rides from Mumbai's Gateway Of India are available till Elephanta Caves


8. ELEPHANTA CAVES: This UNESCO World Heritage Site is located on an island off the eastern coast of Mumbai. Elephanta Caves consists of 2 Buddhist and 5 Hindu Caves, which have exquisite carvings. This link has more information on Elephanta Caves Info, Boat Details, Pictures, Idols. Elephanta Caves can be reached by ferries from Gateway of India. The boat trip adds to the sense of fun and adventure of visiting this tourist destination. Please visit this link for information on Boat Trip from Gateway of India to Elephanta Caves.

9. BOAT RIDE AT GATEWAY OF INDIA: A popular tourist activity at Gateway of India is to take a short 30 minutes boat ride in the Arabian Sea.Gateway of India also has regular boat ferries to Elephants Caves and Mandwa. There are buses from Mandwa to Alibag.

10. MUMBAI MUSEUM: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya is Mumbai’s main museum with over 50,000 artifacts. It was previously called the Prince of Wales Museum.

11. COLABA CAUSEWAY: Colaba is a popular shopping and dining area. Colaba has many hotels catering from budget to high-end tourist.Colaba has many shops catering to tourists, such as shops selling ethnic jewelry, Indian handicrafts and clothes. Colaba also has restaurants that offer Middle-East, Chinese and Continental cuisine.

12. HANGING GARDEN, KAMLA NEHRU PARK, PRIYADARSHANI PARK: Hanging Garden and Kamla Nehru Park are located on Malabar Hill, which is at the Southern End of Marine Drive. Kamla Nehru Park offers a new view of Marine Drive and its surrounding areas. Hanging Garden offer nice view of the Arabian Sea. There are walking pathways that lead from the Kamla Nehru Park to Chowpatty. Priyadarshani Park is located 1 Km downhill from these two gardens. Its chief attraction is that is built along the seashore and offers a nice place to walk and jog.

13. GANPATI FESTIVAL (GANESH CHATURTHI): 10 day Ganesh Festival celebrations are unique in Mumbai. No other city in the world celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi with as much gusto and splendor as Mumbai. Many of the best and most famous Ganesh Idols can be found in South and Central Mumbai.

14. MANI BHAVAN: Mahatma Gandhi used to live and operate from Mani Bhavan when he was in Bombay. It has now been converted into a museum for Mahatma Gandhi.

15. CRAWFORD WHOLESALE MARKET: Crawford Market is the wholesale market. It consists of many lanes selling wholesale products such as textiles, toys, hardware, household goods, novelty items, accessories, jewelry, stationary, plastics, etc. It’s a great place for bargain shopping.

16. MUMBA DEVI TEMPLE: Mambadevi is the patron Goddess of Mumbai. The name Mumbai is derived from Mumba Devi. Aesthetically Mumbadevi Temple is okay; but it is very popular among devotees. This link has information on Famous Hindu Temples And Places Of Worship In Mumbai.

17. SAINT THOMAS CATHEDRAL: Key highlights of this beautiful Anglican Church are the wonderful carved memorials in the Church. St Thomas Cathedral Church is located in Fort, between Horniman Circle and Flora Fountain. Churchgate Station and the famous Cathedral and John Connon School get their names from St Thomas Cathedral.

18. HAJI ALI MOSQUE AND DARGAH: Haji Ali is a famous Mosque and Tomb (“Dargah”). It is situated in the sea and can be reached by a pathway in the sea. Haji Ali Mosque’s location in the sea makes it an interesting tourist attraction. Located nearby are the Mahalaxmi Temple and Mahalaxmi Racecourse.


Haji Ali Mosque is a Famous Tourist Attraction in Mumbai


19. MUMBAI’S ART DISTRICT: Kala Ghoda and Colaba are the major art precincts of Mumbai. The main art galleries to visit in this area are Jehangir Art Gallery, NGMA (National Gallery for Modern Art), Jehangir Nicholson Art Foundation (in the Museum), Max Mueller Bhavan Gallery, Volte, Sakshi Art Gallery, Chemould Prescott Road Gallery, The Contemporary Art Gallery, Project 88, Gallery Maskara, Galerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke. In the first week of February, Kala Ghoda hosts the “Kala Ghoda Arts Festival”, which is the largest free art and culture festival in the world. Please visit this link for more information on Mumbai’s Art Galleries and Museums.

20. NATIONAL GALLERY OF MODERN ART (NGMA): NGMA is an amazingly beautiful building both from the outside and the inside. NGMA is home to painting and artwork from some of modern India’s most famous painters and artists.

21. STREET SHOPPING IN SOUTH MUMBAI: One can get great bargains at street shops in Mumbai. “Fashion Street”, between Azad and Cross Maidans is a place for cheap textiles. Colaba has shops that offer handicrafts and ethnic goods. Fort has many street shops that offer electronic goods, which the author cautions readers from buying. The wholesale market at Crawford market offers good deals in many product categories.

22. NEHRU PLANETARIUM, NEHRU SCIENCE CENTRE, NEHRU CENTER: Catch a short movie on space at the domed theatre in Nehru Planetarium. Nehru Science Centre is an interactive science park and center with over 500 interactive science exhibits. Nehru Center has a wonderful section called “Discovery of India” which shows India through the ages. In addition the Nehru Centre also has an Art Gallery, Library, Exhibition Hall and a hall for cultural events.

23. MAHALAXMI RACE COURSE: There are regular horse races at the Mahalaxmi Racecourse. The highlights of not just the Mumbai horse racing calendar, but the entire Indian horse racing year, are the five Indian Classics.

24. MAHALAKSHMI TEMPLE: Temple is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess of wealth, Goddess Mahalakshmi. Devotees in the thousands visit Mahalaxmi Mandir (Temple) during Navratri and Dusherra festivals. Mahalaxmi Temple is built on a small hill next to sea. It has a nice view of the Arabian Sea and the nearby Haji Ali Mosque. Please visit this link for info on the Best Hindu Temples in Mumbai.

25. BABULNATH TEMPLE: Babulnath Mandir (Temple) is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is a charming temple built on a hill. Babulnath Temple receives thousands of devotees during Mahashivratri and Shravan.Babulnath is located near the Northern end of Chowpatty beach and close to the ISKCON temple. This link has information on Famous Hindu Temples And Places Of Worship In Mumbai.

26. ISKCON TEMPLE AT GIRGAON CHOWPATTY: The ISKCON religious group has a beautiful temple at Girgaun Chowpatty. The intricate carvings at this temple are a work of art. This ISKCON temple is called “Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Mandir”.

27. AZAD MAIDAN AND CROSS MAIDAN: Located between CST (VT) station and Churchgate Stations, these two Maidans (fields) have many cricket pitches. Catch a game of cricket at these Maidans. The road between these streets is popularly called Fashion Street because it is lined with street shops selling clothes.

28. BABU AMICHAND PANALAL ADISHWARJI JAIN TEMPLE: This beautiful Jain Temple at Malabar Hill was once voted by a local publication as one of the seven best sights in Mumbai. Hanging Garden is a couple of kilometers from this temple. Most Jain temples in Mumbai have exquisite temple carvings.

29. BANGANGA HOLY POND: Located at the end of Napean Sea Road and Walkeshwar, this holy pond has old Hindu temples around it. On all four sides of Banganga steps lead down into the pond. Take some bread to feed the geese, ducks and fish in Banganga.

30.JAMA MASJID MOSQUE: This Sunni Mosque is located inMumbai’s wholesale market precinct. Jama Masjid is situated near Crawford Market and Zaveri Market (Mumbai’s main jewelry market). There is a small pond inside this over 200 year Mosque.

31. RBI MONETARY MUSEUM: Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) Monetary Museum has related to Indian money. This museum is located at Ballard Pier.

32. TARAPORE AQUARIUM: A small aquarium located along Marine Drive.

33. NIPPONZAN MYOHOJI BUDDHIST TEMPLE: Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Temple at Worli is a modest temple in the shape of a “Stupa”. The initial temple was built by a Japanese monk in 1931.

34. MUMBAI ZOO (JIJAMATA UDYAN): Mumbai Zoo is also known as Jijamata Udyan or Byculla Zoo. It is located in the heart of Central Mumbai, close to the Byculla Railway Station. Mumbai zoo has a fairly good collection of animals that are found in Indian jungles. Animals at Mumbai Zoo include lions, tigers, crocodiles, many species of deer, bears, elephants, monkeys, snakes, hippopotamus, hyenas and Indian birds (flamingoes, peacocks, peahens, pelican, etc). Located at the entrance of the zoo is the lovely Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum.

35. DR BHAU DAJI LAD MUSEUM: Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum is Mumbai’s oldest museum. It is located just outside Mumbai Zoo. Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum is housed in a beautiful Palladian style building. UNESCO has bestowed this museum with its “Award of Excellence”.

36. SHREE SIDDHIVINAYAK GANAPATI TEMPLE: Shree Siddhivinayak Ganapati Temple is Mumbai’s most famous Ganesh Temple. Temple receives large crowds of devotees on Tuesdays. This link has information on Famous Hindu Temples And Places Of Worship In Mumbai.

37. GLORIA CHURCH: Gloria Church at Byculla is one of Bombay’s oldest Roman Catholic Church. It is am impressive Ghotic style church.

38. FLAMINGOES AT SEWRI: Large flocks of flamingoes visit Sewri (Eastern Mumbai), Thane Creek and Uran from November to February. It’s a sight to behold these large pink birds feeding on algae near the shore. During winter, these birds come from the cold northern regions to the relatively warmer shores of Mumbai.

39. DHARAVI SLUMS: Usually tourists avoid slums, but the success of the movie “Slumdog Millionaire” has made Dharavi a popular tourist destination. Dharavi is reported to be the second largest slum in the world. Tourist companies offer guided tours of Dharavi.





WEST AND NORTH MUMBAI: Best Places to See, Things to Do

1. SANJAY GANDHI NATIONAL PARK (SGNP): It is one of the largest National Parks in the world within city limits. Visitors to this wonderful park can enjoy lion and tiger safaris, boating, mini train ride in the park, nature walks, Kanheri Caves (ancient Buddhist Caves) and much more. Be one with nature in this magnificent National Park. Sanjay Gandhi National Park is also known as Borivali National Park. Please visit this link for more information on Sanjay Gandhi National Park and Mumbai’s Nature Based Attractions.


Lion and Tiger Safari at Mumbai's Borivali National Park.


2. KANHERI CAVES – BUDDHIST CAVES: These are over 100 Buddhist caves deep inside Borivali National Park. The Kanheri Caves were built from 1st Century BCE to 10th Century BCE. These caves were Buddhist monasteries used for living, studying, prayer and meditation. This is a Buddhist Stupa (prayer hall) among the caves. Do visit the top of the hill that house Kanheri Caves for a lovely view of Borivali National Park and Mumbai city.

3. JUHU BEACH: Juhu Beach is a popular 6 Km long sandy beach along the western shore of Mumbai. Visitors can enjoy horse rides, camel rides and popular Mumbai street food at Juhu Beach. Juhu is home to many artists from the Hindi film industry. Juhu and the area around it have nice restaurants. Weekends tend to get very crowded. Please visit this link for more info on Mumbai’s Best Beaches and Sea Based Tourist Attractions.

4. ART GALLERY AT MUMBAI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT TERMINAL 2: The Terminal 2 (T2) of the Mumbai International Airport is a piece of art. It has a 3.2 Km Art Wall which has artwork from all over India. T2 is the largest public art program in India.

5. AMITABH BACHCHAN AND FILM STAR HOUSES: Amitabh Bachchan has been an icon of the Hindi film industry since the 1970s. His bunglow, “Jalsa”, is a landmark in the JVPD/Juhu area. Most Sunday evenings, Mr Bachchan stands at the gate of his home to greet his fans. Juhu area is also home to many Indian film makers and stars. This link has the Address and Map of the houses of Mumbai Film Stars in Juhu. This link has Pictures of Film Star Bachchan’s Houses in Mumbai.

6. FILM CITY AND HINDI FILM INDUSTRY TOUR: Mumbai is famous all over the world for the Hindi Film industry. Film City has many studios and post-production facilities for the film and TV industry. Many popular Hindi movies and TV serials are shot here. Tourists come to Film City to watch film stars and film/TV shooting. A sure-shot way of watching s shooting session is to book with a tour group.

7. ISKCON JUHU TEMPLE: This is a beautiful ISKCON temple in Juhu. The colourful idols in the temple are the center point of this temple. This link has information on Famous Hindu Temples And Places Of Worship In Mumbai.

8. MOUNT MARY BASILICA AT HILL ROAD: Mount Mary Church is located on a hill near Bandra Bandstand. Mount Mary Basilica is famous for the annual 8 days Mount Mary Fair (also known as “Bandra Fair”), which celebrates the birth of Mother Mary.

9. GOLDEN VIPASSANA PAGODA: Global Vipassana Pagoda at Gorai Beach is the biggest pillar-less stone dome in the world. The large meditation room at the center of the Pagoda is 280 meters in diameter. The Pagoda was built to spread the teachings of Lord Buddha and to spread peace. Global Vipasana Pagoda has relics of Buddha.


Global Vipassana Pagoda is a Must Visit Place in Mumbai


10. AAREY MILK COLONY AND CHOTA KASHMIR: Aarey is a large 1,287 hectare green area just south of Borivali National Park. It is a popular picnic spot. It also has nature trails. Chota Kashmir, in Aarey, has a small lake where visitors can enjoy boating.

11. BANDRA BANDSTAND AND BANDRA FORT: “Castella de Aguada”, popularly known as “Bandra Fort”, is a minor fort at the edge of the sea in Bandra. It’s main charm is that it offers a beautiful view of the Bandra-Worli Sea Link and the Arabian Sea. Bandra Bandstand is a large, rocky, sea-facing stretch of land popular with tourist and couples.

12. SHAHRUKH KHAN’S BUNGALOW “MANNAT” AND SALMAN KHAN’S HOME: Many film stars live near Bandra Bandstand, including Shahrukh Khan (at “Mannat”), Salman Khan (“Galaxy Apartments”), John Abraham (“Sea Glimpse”) and more. This link has pictures of Shahrukh Khan’s House in Mumbai. This link has pictures of Salman Khan’s House in Mumbai.

13. CARTER ROAD: North of Bandra Bandstand is Carter Road. It has a nice promenade along the Arabian Sea. Many top Film and TV personalities live in this area. Carter Road ends in a nice little park – “Jogger’s Park”.

14. BOMBAY ART SOCIETY: Founded in 1888 the Bombay Art Society is now housed in a funky new building opposite Rangsharda in Bandra West.

15. BANDRA LINKING ROAD: Bandra’s Linking Road is famous for shopping. In addition to branded stores, it also has many small street shops that sell a variety of personal items such as clothes, shoes, belts, purses, etc. This section of Bandra also has nice restaurants offering a wide variety of global cuisine.

16. MADH ISLAND BEACHES: Marve is located on the North-West of Mumbai. This area has not yet been urbanized to the extent of Mumbai city. One of the charms of this semi-rural setting is the beaches of Marve, such as Aksa Beach, Hamla Beach, Dana Pani Beach, Erangal Beach, Silver Beach and Marve Beach. Marve is a nice place for a day-out tour, especially if one visits the nearby Global Vipassana Pagoda and Esselworld Theme Park and Water Park. NOTE OF CAUTION: Marve and Gorai Beaches can be treacherous. It is best to avoid swimming in these waters.

17. ESSELWORLD AMUSEMENT PARK AND WATER KINGDON: Essel World Amusement Park is a theme park with rides. Water Kingdom is a water park. Both these Parks are located at Gorai in North-West Mumbai and are popular with tourist. The Global Vipassana Pagoda is nearby and so are the Gorai and Marve Beaches. This link has information on Theme Parks and Amusement Parks in and around Mumbai.

18. MAHAKALI CAVES: These are a series of 19 caves used by Buddhist monks from 1st BCE to 5th CE. This is a “Chaitya” which is a Buddhist prayer/meditation hall with a “Stupa”.





  1. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST), or Victoria Terminus (VT) as it was previously known.
  2. Mumbai Municipality (BMC) Headquarter.
  3. Bombay High Court
  4. Rajabhai Tower
  5. Mumbai University
  6. Gateway of India
  7. Taj Mahal Hotel
  8. National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA)
  9. Museum (Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya)
  10. Elphinstone College
  11. Western Railway Headquarters
  12. Maharashtra Legislature Building (Vidhan Sabha),
  13. David Sassoon Library
  14. Horniman Circle Buildings
  15. Asiatic Library (Town Hall)
  16. St Thomas Cathedral
  17. Holy Name Cathedral
  18. Art Deco buildings of Churchgate and Marine Drive
  19. Heritage Buildings along D.N. Road and Fort



  1. Marine Drive, including Nariman Point to its South and Chowpatty Beach to its North
  2. Mumbai’s Heritage Mile
  3. Gateway of India
  4. Elphanta Island and Elephanta Caves
  5. Borivali National Park and view from Kanheri Caves
  6. Kamla Nehru Park and Hanging Garden
  7. Juhu Beach
  8. Flamingo watching at Sewri Mudflats
  9. Haji Ali in the sea
  10. Bandra-Worli Sea Link with Worli Sea Face Promenade to the South and Bandra Bandstand to the North
  11. Banganga
  12. Azad and Cross Maidan
  13. Madh Island Beaches and Gorai Beach



  1. Boat rides at Gateway of India; these include boat trips to Elephanta Caves, Mandwa/Alibagh and short pleasure ferry trips.
  2. Celebrate in festivals such as Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Dussherra, Krishna Janmashtami, Makar Sankranti (Kite Flying) etc
  3. Visit Theme/Amusement Parks such as Esselworld, Water Kingdom, Kidzania, Smaaash, Go Karting range, etc. Adlabs Imagica and Adlabs Waterpark are located 70 Km from Mumbai. This link has more information on Adlabs Imagica Theme Park Information, Rides, Road Route.
  4. See Film/TV shooting at Film City
  5. Watch Horse racing at Mahalaxmi Race Course.
  6. Nehru Planetarium and interactive Nehru Science Centre
  7. Visit the Byculla Zoo (Jijamata Udyan)
  8. Lion and tiger Safari at Borivali National Park
  9. Nature treks in Borivali National Park
  10. Mini Train Ride in Borivali National Park
  11. Boating at Borivali National Park and Chota Kashmir (Aarey)



  1. Crawford Market for wholesale shopping
  2. Colaba Causeway
  3. Fashion Street
  4. Dadar Market
  5. Bandra Linking Road
  6. Premium luxury goods are available at Malls all over the city.



  1. Mumbai’s Heritage Mile, which stretches along Fort (Flora Fountain), D.N. Road, CST/VT Station and Crawford Market
  2. Kala Ghoda, famous for its architecture and art galleries
  3. Colaba Causeway
  4. Marine Drive



  1. Sanjay Gandhi National Park (Borivali National Park)
  2. Oval Maidan
  3. Azad Maidan
  4. Cross Maidan
  5. Hanging Garden
  6. Kamla Nehru Park
  7. Priyadarshini Park
  8. Shivaji Maidan
  9. Aarey



  1. Mumbai International Airport Terminal 2 (T2) has a 3.2 Km long Art Wall.
  2. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (Kala Ghoda)
  3. National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA)
  4. Jehangir Art Gallery
  5. Art Galleries of Kala Ghoda and Colaba
  6. Nehru Centre
  7. Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum (outside Byculla Zoo)
  8. RBI Monetary Museum
  9. Bombay Art Society



  1. Shree Siddhivinayak Ganapati Temple
  2. Mahalaxmi Mandir (Temple)
  3. Babulnath Mandir
  4. ISKCON Temple at Juhu
  5. ISKCON Temple at Girgaon, Chowpatty
  6. Mambadevi Temple
  7. Elephanta Caves

This link has information on Famous Hindu Temples And Places Of Worship In Mumbai.



  1. St Thomas Cathedral
  2. Gloria Church
  3. Mount Mary Church
  4. Holy Name Cathedral



  1. Global Vipassana Pagoda
  2. Elephanta Caves
  3. Kanheri Caves
  4. Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Temple
  5. Mahakali Caves



  1. Babu Amichand Panalal Adishwarji Jain Temple



  1. Chowpatty Beach
  2. Juhu Beach
  3. Versova Beach
  4. Madh Island Beaches
  5. Gorai Beaches






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