Fares, Phone Numbers and Info on Mumbai’s Fleet Taxis (Radio Cabs)

Mumbai’s Private Radio Cabs and Private Fleet Taxis

Mumbai’s Private fleet taxis (radio cabs) and their tariff are listed below.


Fare of Mumbai Private Fleet Taxis (‘Radio Cabs”)

(5 am to Midnight)
(Midnight to 5 am)
First 1 Kilometer Rs 27 Rs 33.75
Rate After First Km Rs 20 per Km Rs 25 per Km
Waiting Charges Rs 2 per minute Rs 2.50 per minute

NOTE: From 1 October, 2014, passengers have to pay an additional 4.94% as Service Tax on the taxi meter reading.


Please visit this article for detailed listing of Mumbai Taxi Fares for Private Cabs, Auto-Rickshaws, Taxis. Latest cost of Mumbai’s Private Taxi services (“Radio Cabs”), such as Uber (India), Ola Cabs, Meru Cabs, TABCab, Priyadarshani Taxi Service, etc, are listed in this article.



Private Fleet Cabs/Taxis in Mumbai, with their Phone Number

As on July 2014, Mumbai had 5800 fleet cabs. Of these TabCab had 2,800 taxis, Meru Cabs had 2,050 cabs and Easy Cabs had 600 taxis. The other fleet cab providers had 350 taxis.

Tab Cab is Mumbai's biggest private fleet taxi service.

Tab Cab

  • Tab Cab (TabCab) Taxi booking number is 63636363.
  • TabCab has the largest fleet of private radio taxis in Mumbai.
  • TabCab offers a customer loyalty program for frequent users.
  • A TabCab can be booked either by calling their call center or through their website or at the TabCab counter on the airport or via their mobile app.


Bombay taxi and cab service - Meru Cabs

Meru Cabs

  • Meru Cabs 24X7 Cab booking number – 44224422.
  • Meru Cab Operates in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Bengaluru.
  • Booking can be done the Meru Cab website – http://www.merucabs.com/.
  • Meru Cabs was the first company to launch metered “Radio cabs” in India in April 2007.
  • Meru Cabs use GPS/GPRS technology which are air conditioned.
  • Meru Cabs is the 3rd largest “Radio Taxi” company in the world. Meru Cabs have over 5000+ taxis.
  • Meru taxis make 20,000 trips per day.
  • Every month Meru Cabs transport 1 million passengers.
  • Meru is the only taxi operator in India to partner with the airports at Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad & Bengaluru.
  • Meru Cab rates are Rs 27 for the first Km (Rs 33.75 for Night time). Subsequent Km it is Rs 20 per Km (Rs 25 for night time). Waiting charge is Rs 2 per minute (Rs 2.50 for night time).
  • The night time fare is 25% extra over the day time fare.


Uber Connects private Taxi operators with customers.

Uber Mumbai

  • “Uber” is an international company that connects commuters with private taxi operators. It does not operate radio cabs or taxis of its own and is only an aggregator.
  • Uber can only be accessed via the Uber app on a smartphone (Apple, Android or Blackberry phones).
  • To use Uber, download the Uber app from Google Play Store, iPhone App Store, Blackberry App World. Next register with Uber by giving your name, email-id and credit card information on the Uber app.
  • To book a private car, tap your pick-up location on the Uber app. Using GPS, Uber shows the taxis/private cars that are nearby. Request for a cab with one touch on the Uber app. Enter your destination address. A cab will pick you up.
  • Uber shows the cab driver where you are going. Once the trip is over, Uber charges your credit card.
  • Currently in Mumbai, Uber offers only the “UberBLACK” service. Rates for Uber Cabs is a Base Fare of Rs 100 + Rs 17 per Km + Rs 2 per minute. Minimum fare is Rs 200. Toll (if any) is extra. For travel from Mumbai to Thane, Gorai, Dahisar and Navi Mumbai, Uber offers a flat rate of Rs 2,500.
  • Uber India does not operate cabs/taxis of its own, but has tied up with local private taxi operators. Other radio cab operators, such as MeruCabs, Easy Cabs, Mega Cabs, Ola Cabs, are planning similar services of their own.





Bombay taxi and cab service - Mega Cabs

Mega Cabs

  • Mega Cabs 24X7 Cab booking number – 42424242 in Mumbai and 41414141 in Delhi, Kolkata, Chandigarh and Ludhiana.
  • Operates in Mumbai (+91-22-42424242), Delhi (+91-11-41414141), Kolkata (+91-33-41414141), Chandigarh (+91-172-41414141), Ludhiana (+91-161-41414141), Amritsar (+91-183-5151515). Operations in Ahmedabad and Jaipur will commence shortly.
  • Mega Cabs can be booked online at http://www.megacabs.com/.
  • GPS enabled vehicles which are air conditioned.
  • Tarrifs for Mega Cabs are Rs 27.00 flagdown and Rs 20.00 for each subsequent Km. Waiting charges are INR 2/minute (built into the fare meter).
  • Night Surcharges of 25% are levied between midnight to 0500 hrs.


Mumbai taxi and cab service - CIPL Easy Cabs

CIPL Easy Cabs

  • Easy Cabs phone booking number is 43434343.
  • In May 2006 CIPL launched the Radio Cab service with the brand “Easycabs” from Chandigarh.
  • CIPL Easy Cabs now operates more than 2500 cars in Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad & Mumbai. On a daily basis, about 10000 passengers are serviced by EasyCabs in these cities.
  • Easycabs can be booked online at http://www.easycabs.com.
  • All Easy Cabs are fitted with GPS/GPRS tracking mechanism and operating with world class taxi dispatch technology offering in car payment made for customer convenience.
  • Easycabs claim that a cab will be provided within maximum of 15 minutes time after Booking is made over Phone.


Mumbai taxi and cab service - Mumbai Gold Cab

Mumbai Gold Cab or Fulora Gold Cab

  • Mumbai Gold Cab Taxi booking number is +91-22-32443333 or +91-22-32449999.
  • Mumbai Gold Cabs can be booked online at http://www.mumbaigoldcabs.com.
  • GPS enabled vehicles which are air conditioned.
  • Tarrifs for Mumbai Gold Cabs are Rs 24.00 flagdown and Rs 17.00 for each subsequent Km. Waiting charges are INR 30/hour (built into the fare meter).
  • Night Surcharges of 25% are levied between 0001 hrs to 0500 hrs.


Priyadarshini Taxi Services – Mumbai Taxi Cab for Women

  • This service is especially for women. The drivers of these cabs are women.
  • Priyadarshini phone booking number is +91-9820221107 or +91-9320845064. Landline number is +(91)-(22)-43333999 or +(91)-(22)-66608779.
  • Tarrifs for Priyadarshini Taxi Cabs are Rs 24.00 flagdown and Rs 17.00 for each subsequent Km. Waiting charges are INR 30/hour (built into the fare meter).


Mumbai taxi and cab service - Viira Cabs

Viira Cabs – Mumbai Taxi Service and Training for Women

  • This service is especially for women. The drivers of these cabs are women. This is also a female driver bureau, a recruitment agency and a motor training school.
  • Viira Cabs phone number is +91-22-61206120. Email info@viiracabs.com or visit http://www.viiracabs.com/.


 Bombay - Private Taxi Cab Service or Radio Cabs - Meru Cab, Mega Cabs, Easy Cabs, Mumbai Gold Cab, Priyadarshini, Viira Cabs



In addition to the above, other Taxi / Cab services in Mumbai include the following:

Mumbai’s Blue And White Cool Cabs

They are similar to the ubiquitous Black and Yellow cabs, except they are air conditioned. They can be hailed any where on the street. These numbers may be useful – +91 22 2216 4466, +91 22 2218 9620, +91 22 5688 4466, +91 22 2490 5151, +91 22 2490 5152.


Mumbai’s Black and Yellow cabs

These are very basic cabs that can be hailed from the street.


Mumbai’s Private Taxi Service Operators

There are many private taxi operators who can offer cars from small to high-end luxury cars for hire. These hired cars are chauffer driven and usually have a circled “T” (for Taxi) on the car. These cars are usually hired out for either half a day or full day. Tariff varies for service operators and type of car and also to some extent on your ability to bargain.


Advantages of Using Mumbai’s Private Taxi Services or Mumbai’s Radio Cabs

  • Taxis have AC (air conditioner) which is important for a hot city like Mumbai.
  • Taxis are bigger than the Mumbai Black and Yellow taxis.
  • Taxis are generally new, clean and in good condition both outside and inside.
  • Mumbai’s Private Taxis can be pre-booked.
  • Mumbai’s Private Taxi pick up passengers from the location of their choice, unlike the Black and Yellow taxis where the passenger has to go in search of a Taxi
  • All taxis have electronic meters which help prevent fraud.
  • Mumbai’s Cab Service offers 24X7 call service for cab booking.
  • These Mumbai cabs can be booked on the internet too.
  • Many of Mumbai’s private cab services use GPS/GPRS technology

(Note: Call these taxis in advance because they tend to be not available at short notice; especially during peak office hours.)






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