Flash Mob Dance to Rang De Basanti at Mumbai VT (CST) Station – Video and Photos

 Picture of Flash Mob dancing to “Rang De Basanti” at Mumbai VT (CST) Station

Flash Mob Dance to Rang De Basanti at Mumbai’s CST Station

On November 27, 2011, a comuters at the busy VT (CST ) station were surprised to hear a tune from “Rang De Basanti” playing on the Public Address System. They were in for another surprise when 200 people “spontaneously” started dancing in unison. Here is the Official video of Mumbai’s flash mob dance at the CST.

Official Video of Mumbai CST (VT) Station Flash Mob Dance


Shonan Kothari – The Person Behind The CST Flash Mob Dance

Shonan Kothari, organizer of the Flash Mob dance at Mumbai VT (CST) StationThe mob dance was the idea of Shonan Kothari, a researcher for Harvard Business School. Work on the dance started in October, with a group of 325 volunteers. A friend of Shonan, Bhaumik Shah, choreographed the dance. Shonan hired Running Cow Films to make an official video of the event. The group of volunteers would practice at Priyadarshani Park.

One of the toughest parts was to get permission from the Indian Railway officials to allow the flash mob dance at CST. Shonan’s persistance paid off when the railway authorities gave permission on the condition that the event would not be used for publicity or for commercial purpose. Congratulations to the Railway authorities for letting this go ahead. 

Tribute to Those Who Died on November 26

As a tribute to those who died at VT station on November 26, the VT flash mob dance was held a day after the anniversary. At 4.52 pm and at 5.33 pm, Shonan Kothari and her team of volunteers broke into a gig and entertained fellow commuters at CST. 

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