Lalbaug Cha Raja is Mumbai's Most Famous Ganesh Idol



  • This is a Ganesh picture of the 2017 Lalbaugcha Raja Ganpati.
  • Lalbaug Cha Raja is Mumbai most famous Ganesh Murti. Lalbagh Cha Raja is Mumbai’s most visited Ganpati Idol, with estimates of 1 million visitors during Ganesh Chaturthi.
  • One reason why Lalbaug Cha Raja is so familiar to many people is because its shape and size does not change. Every year the core Lalbaug Cha Raja Ganesh Idol remains the same. What changes is its ornaments, clothes,
    throne and the decor in the Pandal.
  • The Lalbaug Cha Raja Ganesh Murti is made by the Kambli family.



Below are links to Ganesh Pictures of Lalbaug Cha Raja from previous years:


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