Miss World 2012 Contestants, Photos, Schedule, Events, Judges, Dates, Location

Before the Semi-Finals and Finals of the 2012 Miss World pageant in Ordos, Preliminary Interviews and 6 Fast Track Events will be held. The 118 Contestants will get points for these events at the 62nd Miss World Beauty Contest.


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Winners At Miss World 2012

Miss China PR, Yu Wenxia, was crowned winner of Miss World 2012



Wenxia Yu, Miss China PR, is crowned Miss World 2012 by Ivian Sarcos, Miss World 2011Three 2012 Miss World winner, Miss China PR, Miss Wales, Miss Australia

Miss World 2012 winner Miss China PR, Wenxia Yu, 1st Runner Up Miss Wales, Sophie Elizabeth Moulds, 2nd Runner Up Miss Australia, Jessica Michelle Kahawaty

Picture of Wenxia Yu, Miss China PR, who won Miss World 2012 at Ordos (click on picture to enlarge)

Winner of Miss World 2012 Title

[1] Miss World 2012 Title: MISS CHINA PR, Wenxia Yu

[2] Miss World 2012 Second Place Winner (1st Runner Up): MISS WALES, Sophie Elizabeth Moulds 

[3] Miss World 2012 Third Place Winner (2nd Runner Up): MISS AUSTRALIA, Jessica Michelle Kahawaty (In 2008, Jessica Kahawaty had represented Lebanon at Miss International, where she was a semi-finalist)

TOP 7 at Miss World 2012

  1. Miss China PR
  2. Miss Wales
  3. Miss Australia
  4. Miss South Sudan
  5. Miss Brazil
  6. Miss Jamaica
  7. Miss India



TOP 15 at Miss World 2012

  1. Miss Australia
  2. Miss Brazil
  3. Miss China PR
  4. Miss England
  5. Miss India
  6. Miss Indonesia
  7. Miss Jamaica
  8. Miss Kenya
  9. Miss Mexico
  10. Miss Netherlands
  11. Miss Philippines
  12. Miss South Sudan
  13. Miss Spain
  14. Miss United States
  15. Miss Wales


TOP MODEL Winner at Miss World 2012


MISS SOUTH SUDAN, Atong Demach, is TOP MODEL at 2012 Miss WorldPhoto of Miss World 2012 TOP MODEL, Atong Demach (Miss South Sudan), walking the ramp

 (click on picture to enlarge)

BEACH BEAUTY Winner at Miss World 2012

MISS WALES, Sophie Elizabeth Moulds

MISS WALES, Sophie Elizabeth Moulds is both 1st Runner Up at Miss World 2012 and Beach BeautyPicture of 2012 Miss World, Wenxia Yu (Miss China PR), and first Runner Up, Sophie Moulds (Miss Wales)

 (click on picture to enlarge)

MULTIMEDIA AWARD Winner  at Miss World 2012 (Social Media Award)

MISS INDIA, Vanya Mishra

Vanya Mishra, Miss India, won the "Beauty for a Purpose" Event. She also won Multimedia and was in TOP 7At 2012 Miss World, Vanya Mishra won Multimedia, Beauty for a purpose and was in TOP 7

 (click on picture to enlarge)

BEAUTY FOR A PURPOSE Winner  at Miss World 2012

MISS INDIA, Vanya Mishra for social work done for the “Girl Child in India” with “Smile Foundation” and “Muktangan”


SPORTS WOMAN Winner  at Miss World 2012

Miss Sweden, Sanna Jinnedal (She had won the Penalty Shootout and Relay)

Miss Sweden, Sanna Jinnedal, won Sports Woman at 2012 Miss WorldSanna Jinnedal, Miss Sweden, was crowned Sports Woman at Miss World 2012

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TALENT Winner at Miss World 2012

Miss China PR, Wenxia Yu won it for Singing the love song “Luhua” (Flowers) composed by Yin Qing and He Dongjin.


2012 Miss World Continental Queens

  1. Continental Queen of Caribbean: MISS JAMAICA, Deanna Robins.
  2. Continental Queen of Americas: MISS BRAZIL, Mariana Notarangelo
  3. Continental Queen of Europe: MISS WALES, Sophie Elizabeth Moulds
  4. Continental Queen of Africa: MISS SOUTH SUDAN, Atong Demach
  5. Continental Queen of Asia and Oceania: MISS CHINA PR, Wenxia Yu

Picture of the five winners of the 2012 Miss World Continental Queen crown

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Daily Update From Miss World 2012 in Ordos, China

Picture of 2012 Miss World ladies in Swimsuit, bikini for the Beach Beauty Event.Picture of Miss World 2012 contestants in swim suit, bikini, beachwear for Beach Beauty event


Picture of 2012 Miss World contestant in Swim suit, Bikini and BeachwearPhoto of Miss World 2012 participants in bikini, swimsuit for the Beach Beauty Event.

(click on image to enlarge)


  • 18 AUGUST, 2012: Final Ceremony of the 2012 Miss World Pageant will be held in the Ordos Stadium Arena from 19:30 to 22:00. The Crown of Miss World 2012 goes to Miss China PR, Wenxia Yu. The First Runner Up is Miss Wales, Sophie Elizabeth Moulds. The Second Runner Up is Miss Australia, Jessica Michelle Kahawaty.
  • 17 AUGUST, 2012: Voting for Miss World Contestants on Facebook ends today. The Top 15 leading vote winners are Miss Thailand, Miss Nepal, Miss Chile, Miss India, Miss Philippenes, Miss Paraguay, Miss Vietnam, Miss Venezuela, Miss Peru, Miss Mexico, Miss Indonesia, Miss El Salvador, Miss Jamaica, Miss Seychelles. Contestants are preparing for the Final which is tomorrow from 19:30 to 22:00 local time.
  • 16 AUGUST, 2012: TOP 10 WINNERS OF MISS WORLD 2012 BEACH FASHION CHALLENGE EVENT were declared. The winners are Miss Australia, Miss Brazil, Miss China PR, Miss Colombia, Miss Czech Republic, Miss Guadeloupe, Miss Nepal, Miss Nigeria, Miss Northern Ireland and Miss Wales. The winner will be declared at the Final on 18 August.
  • 14 AUGUST 2012: Each contestant had brought a gift from their country to auction off at the Miss World Charity Auction and Dinner. The organizers were able to raise 26 Million RMB ($4.1 million). This money will be used for deserving local causes. This is all part of the ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ initiative of Miss World.
  • 13 – 16 AUGUST, 2012: Preliminary interviews of the contestants are underway. The contestants are also practicing and rehearsing for the Final on 18 August.
  • 12 AUGUST, 2012: For the Final of the “2012 Miss World TOP MODEL” Fast Track Challenge Event. 46 Miss World contestants walked the ramp in clothes designed by designer Grahame Black (of Erdos 1436). The 10 finalist of the “Top Model” event are Miss Australia, Miss Belize, Miss Brazil, Miss Chile, Miss China PR, Miss Jamaica, Miss Mexico, Miss Poland, Miss South Sudan, Miss Spain. The TOP MODEL will be announced on the day of the Final, 18 August.
  • 11 AUGUST, 2012: Some contestants visited Chinese luxury manufacturer “Erdos 1436”, store in Ordos. They helped raise money for charity.
  • 10 AUGUST, 2012: The Final of the “2012 Miss World Sports and Fitness” Fast Track Challenge Event was held. Events for which winners were declared are “Long Jump“ (individual), “Penalty Shootout” (individual), “100 Meter Run” (individual), “Swimming” (individual), “Shuttle Run” (group), “Relay” (group). Winners are listed in the Miss World 2012 Scoreboard post.
  • 9 AUGUST: Final of the 2012 Miss World “Sports and Fitness” Fast Track Challenge Event.
  • 8 AUGUST: The final of the Miss World 2012 “TALENT” Fast Track Challenge was a remarkable show. It is amazing to see how talented all 15 finalist are in their chosen art. The TOP 5 Winners of the “Talent” event are Miss China PR, Miss Jamaica, Miss Norway, Miss Panama and Miss Philippines.
  • 7 AUGUST: Elimination round for the “SPORTS AND FITNESS” Fast Track Challenge Event was held. Ladies who have qualified for the Final on 9 August are Miss Australia, Miss Austria, Miss Barbados, Miss Colombia, Miss Dominican Republic, Miss England, Miss Germany, Miss Guam, Miss Guyana, Miss Hungary, Miss Jamaica, Miss Kazakhstan, Miss Macau China, Miss Mexico, Miss Netherlands, Miss Northern Ireland, Miss Paraguay, Miss Portugal, Miss Scotland, Miss Singapore, Miss Slovenia, Miss Sweden, Miss Turkey, Miss Uganda. Contestants were divided into 4 groups for individual and group activities. Each participant was judged on step-ups, sit ups, press ups, four step burpees, lunges. 6 contestants from each group qualified.
  • 5, 6 AUGUST: The contestants visited tourist attractions in and around Ordos, including the Agriculture Museum of Ordos, Donglian Picture and Animation Studios, Donglian Painting and Calligraphy museum, Ordos Zoo, Genghis Khan Mausoleum and a nomadic Mongolian village. Behind the scene, Graeme Black, the creative director of Chinese luxury label, Erdos 1436, is working with the girls to create unique gowns for the “Top Model” Final on 12 August.
  • 4 AUGUST, 2012: After the Semi-Final of the “TALENT” Fast Track Challenge event, 15 contestants (out of 24) have been selected for the Final on August 8. The Finalist of the “Talent” event are Panama, Jamaica, Norway, Macau China, Paraguay, Sierra Leone, Philippines, Curacao, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China PR, Brazil, St Kitts & Nevis, Latvia and Denmark.
  • 3 AUGUST, 2012: FINALS of the “BEACH BEAUTY” Challenge Event. The final has been postponed from 1 August.
  • 2 AUGUST, 2012: Semi Final of the “Beach Beauty” Fast Track Event was held. 40 Miss World contestants qualified. (Updated Miss World Scoreboard is here). 8 contestants have now qualified for all 3 events that have been held. This makes them strong favorites to enter the Semi-Final stage of Miss World 2012.
  • 31 JULY TO 1 AUGUST: Participants were taken on a tour of the Singing Dunes desert near Ordos, where they engaged in camel rides and posed in swim suit, bikinis and beautiful traditional Mongolian clothes. The girls also visited Engebei Museum and Half Moon Lake.
  • 30 JULY, 2012: Girls have flown back to Ordos for Beachwear/Swimsuit/Beach Beauty events. For the next few days girls will be filmed and photographed in their swim suits, bikinis and beach wear.
  • 27 to 29 JULY, 2012: The contestants got a chance to relax and see the attractions of Shanghai. The ladies visited Yu Garden, Royal Meridien Hotel, Century Square, Oriental Pearl TV Tower (tallest building in Asia), the city of Changshu, a traditional village of Sujiajian Guli Fam, library of the Ching Dynasty. The girls also visited Miss World sponsors, like Chinese fashion house “BoSiDeng”.
  • 26 JULY, 2012: Final of “Miss World 2012 World Fashion Designer Award” was held in Shanghai. All contestants walked the ramp in a dress which was designed by a designer from their native country. This is not a Traditional Dress competition, but more of a Formal Dress event (usually a gown) which incorporates the colors, patterns and designs of the contestant’s home country.
  • 25 JULY, 2012: Miss World participants travel to Shanghai for 3 days of relaxation and fun, after which they will visit Sanya, in South China, for the Beachwear and Swim suit section of the competition. This was a fun day for the girls. They had dinner cruise on the Huangpu River and got to see Shanghai’s tourist attractions.
  • 24 JULY, 2012: The 2012 Miss World OPENING CEREMONY was a colorful and musical event. The entertainment included traditional dance from Mongolia, traditional Chinese long sleve dance, Chinese pop songs, gymnastic performance, instrumental performance and fireworks in the end. The contestants arrived in their Evening wear a traditional Mongolian Blue Scarve around their neck. Towards the end, all the contestants changed into beautiful traditional Mongolian dresses in blue, white, yellow. Julia Morley, chair of Miss World, gave a speech and the crowd burst into cheers when Zhang Zilin, former Miss China who won Miss World 2007, arrived on stage.
  • 23 JULY, 2012: 13 contestants who qualified for the “PERFORMING TALENT” contest also qualified for the “TOP MODEL” event. These are Australia, Bahamas, Bermuda, Brazil, China PR, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Israel, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Philippines, United States.
  • 23 JULY, 2012: Contestants who have qualified for the “TOP MODEL” Challenge Event on 12 August are – Angola, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bahamas, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Hong Kong, China, Austria, Belgium, Gabon, Cote D’Ivoire, France, Colombia, Venezuela, Belize, South Africa, Greece, Malta, Lebanon, Sweden, Indonesia, Nigeria, Jamaica, India, Dominican Republic, Ireland, Japan, Philippines, Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, United States, Wales, Mexico, Denmark, Israel, Mongolia, China PR, Kazakhstan, Suriname, Kenya, Lithuania, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Guadeloupe, England, Thailand, Guatemala, Tanzania, Slovakia, Turkey, Australia, South Sudan, Puerto Rico, Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Bermuda. For the Finals, contestants will wear clothes by Chinese Luxury label ERDOS 1436.
  • 22 JULY, 2012: Auditions for the “Miss World 2012 TOP MODEL” Challenge Event are underway. Finals are on 12 August, 2012.
  • 21 JULY, 2012: 24 contestants were selected for the “PERFORMING TALENT” Challenge Event on 10 August, 2012. These are Bahamas, China, Panama, Philippines, US Virgin Islands, Czech Republic, Israel, Brazil, Norway, Italy, Paraguay, St Kitts and Nevis, Australia , Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Macau, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Jamaica, USA, Curacao, Dominican Republic, Bermuda.
  • 19 JULY, 2012: Contestants have started rehearsals for the Finals on 18 August. Girls practiced for the ramp walk. For the ‘Dances of the World’ auditions, contestants put on their national dress and rehearsed. Not all contestants will dance on August 10; but all contestants will be on the stage in their national dresses. (See image below).
  • 18 JULY, 2012: Contestants are arriving at Ordos and settling in. Total of 118 contestants at Miss World 2012.
  • 17 JULY, 2012: Contestants start departing from their countries to arrive at Ordos.

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Interesting Facts About Miss World 2012 Contestants

  1. 118 participants from different parts of the world will spend one month in China to decide “MISS WORLD 2012”.
  2. Miss Indonesia 2012 “Ines Putri Tjiptadi Chandra” is a professional golfer. She is the youngest person and the first female to win the Governor’s Cup Bali Golf Tournament. She is part of the Indonesian national golf team.
  3. Miss Israel 2012 “Shani Hazan” is a soldier in the Israeli Navy.
  4. Miss Australia 2012, “Jessica Michelle Kahawaty”, has previously represented Lebanon in Miss International 2008. She was a semi-finalist at that pageant. Although an Australian of Lebanese descent, Jessica was allowed to represent Lebanon because she was crowned “Miss Lebanon Australia 2007”.
  5. Miss Philippines-World Queenierich Ajero Rehman is of Philippine and Pakistani descent. Since Pakistan has not sent a representative, Queenie will probably get a lot of Pakistani support.
  6. Miss Kazakhstan 2012 “Evgeniya Klishina” is a children’s doctor. “Aynur Toleunova” was to originally represent Kazakhstan, but she was over the Miss World age limit.
  7. At 160 cm, Miss Singapore 2012, “Karisa Sukamto”, is the SHORTEST contestant at Miss World 2012. Karisa Sukamto was born in the USA. Her father is from Singapore and her mother is Indonesian.
  8. Other relatively short contestants at 2012 Miss World include Miss Canada 2012 “Tara Tang” (163 cm), Miss US Virgin Islands “Taiesa Lashley” (163 cm), Miss Malta “Daniela Darmanin” (164 cm) and Miss Guyana “Arti Cameron” (165 cm).
  9. At 185 cm, Miss Turkey World 2012, “Acalya Samyeli Danoglu”, is the TALLEST contestant at Miss World 2012.
  10. Other tall contenders at 2012 Miss World include Miss Montenegro 2012 “Nikolina Loncar” (183 cm), Miss Gibraltar 2012 “Jessica Louise Baldachino” (183 cm), Miss Serbia 2012 “Bojana Lecic” (182 cm), Miss New Zealand 2012 “Collette Kelly Lochore” (182 cm), Miss Israel 2012 “Shani Hazan” (182 cm).
  11. With the remarkable ability to speak 5 languages, the three most multi-lingual contestants at the 2012 Miss World Pageant are Miss Nepal 2012 “Shristi Shrestha” (Nepali, English, Urdu, Hindi, Spanish), Miss Paraguay 2012 “Fiorella Migliore Llanes” (Spanish, Guarani, English, Italian, Portuguese), Miss South Sudan 2012 “Atong Demach” (Dinka, Nuer, Shilluk, Arabic, English).
  12. Incredibly 12 participants at Miss World 2012 can speak 4 languages and 40 contestants can speak 3 languages. This is an amazingly multi-lingual group of contenders at Miss World.
  13. Miss South Africa has Asian-Indian lineage and so does Miss Denmark, whose mother is Indian.
  14. Miss Zimbabwe 2012, Bongani Dhlakama, was crowned just a week before her departure to China. This barely gave her time to prepare.
  15. There are no contestants from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, UAE, Kuwait, Egypt and Oman.
  16. With 6 Miss World titles, Venezuela has won the maximum number of titles, followed by 5 each by India and UK.
  17. It took 50 years for the first black African Miss World to be crowned. Nigeria’s Agbani Darego won the title in 2001.
  18. The first East Asian to win the title was Zhang Zilin of China, in 2007.
  19. India, Sweden and UK are the three countries that have won the Miss World title in consecutive years.
  20. Since 2008, the Miss World song is “Light the Passion, Share the Dream”, which is written by Sylver.

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Events and Scores at the 2012 Miss World Beauty Pageant

Before entering the Semi-Final stage, each contestant will be allocated points during the PRE-JUDGING INTERVIEWS and 6 FAST TRACK CHALLENGE EVENTS. The pre-judging interviews are between individual contestants and the judges. It gives the judges an opportunity to get to know the Miss World participants. These interviews are crucial and carry the maximum number of marks. These interviews can be seen online.


Six Fast Track Challenge Events at Miss World 2012

Prior to 2011, the winner of each Fast Track event automatically got a position in the Semi-Finals. Since 2011, the score of the Fast Track challenges is added to the final score, but no direct entry into the semi-finals. The six challenges are:

1] Miss World 2012 Beauty with a Purpose

Among the 6 fast track events, this carries the maximum points. Marks are given for charitable causes that participants support. From all the contestants, 30 will be selected.

2] Miss World 2012 Beach Beauty

Miss World 2012 contestants will be judged on different beach wear or swimsuit. Contest will be held in Ordus on Monday August 6, 2012 and there will be 20 final contenders.

3] Miss World 2012 Sports and Fitness

The participants are expected to be able to do exercises such as sit ups, jumping jacks, chair leg lifts, pushups, etc. They are timed while doing these exercises. The Final contest will have 20 contestants and will be held in Ordus on Wednesday, August 8, 2012. Contestants will compete in three disciplines (running, swimming, games) in individual and team events (4 teams of 5 each).

4] Miss World 2012 Performing Talent

Miss World Contenders can show case one of their talents. 2012 Miss World Talent Show Final is on Friday, August 10, 2012. 10 contestants will be selected for the finals of this challenge.

5] Miss World 2012 Top Model and World Fashion Designer Award

For the Top Model prize, 2012 Miss World contestants will walk the ramp in gowns by a designer selected by the organizers. For the World Fashion Designer Award, the girls will showcase a dress (usually a gown) by a designer from their country. Miss World 2012 Top Model Final is on Sunday, August 12, 2012. 20 final contestants will be shortlisted for this event.

6] Miss World 2012 Multimedia Award

This is a new Miss World Fast Track Challenge started from 2012. Starting July 25, Miss World 2012 contestants will be able to upload their pictures, videos, messages onto their special pages on the Miss World website. They will receive points for their web page. The aim is to make the Miss World contest more interactive.

Throughout their stay at the 2012 Miss World competition, the contestants will be involved in photo/video shoots, rehearsals, interviews, visits, seminars, fast track events, update of their personal web pages, etc.

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Final of Miss World 2012 on Aug 18 – Sequence of Events

  • Large Worldwide audience will view the finals. Miss World is among the most viewed entertainment event in the world. It is also among the top entertainment events for which betting companies and websites receive the most gambling bets.
  • Guest will be welcomed with an entertainment program
  • ALL contestants (120+) will come on stage in a traditional dress from their country. There will be music and dance and each contestant will get a chance to showcase the dance and clothes from their country.
  • Judges will be introduced.
  • There will be an entertainment program while the girls change into their gowns.
  • ALL contestants (120+) change into gowns and come on stage once again.
  • Winners of the “Beauty with a Purpose” challenge and the “Multimedia Award” will be announced.
  • The TOP 30 contestant scores will be displayed on a giant screen. The TOP 30 will stay back on stage and the other contestants will exit.
  • Brief profiles of the TOP 30 contestants will be shown on the giant screen.
  • The TOP 15 contestants based on the sum of the Preliminary Interview score and the scores of the 6 Fast Track Challenge Events will be the Semi-Finalist.
  • There will be a Question and Answer session with each of the15 Semi-Finalist.
  • Based on the Q&A, 7 Finalist will be selected.
  • Each of the 7 Finalists will be asked questions.
  • While the judges decide their final scores, all the contestants (120+) will come back on the stage for the announcement of the winners.
  • The Second Runner Up will be announced, followed by the First Runner Up and then the Winner of the 2012 Miss World Title. Last year’s winners will crown the 2012 Miss World winners.
  • The 3 winners will attend a special photo session for the world’s media. All contestants will attend the Miss World 2012 Coronation ball and dinner, before leaving for their respective countries the next day.

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Schedule of Events and Contest at 2012 Miss World Beauty Pageant

  • 18 July, 2012: All Miss World 2012 participants arrive in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, People’s Republic of China.
  • 19 to 20 July: Participants will train, film, attend photo sessions, rehearse and create their online profile pages.
  • 21 July: Initial selection for Miss World 2012 Performing Talent Fast Track Challenge Event.
  • 22 July: Initial selection for Miss World 2012 Top Model Fast Track Challenge Event.
  • 24 July: Formal opening ceremony of the 2012 Miss World Contest.
  • 25 July: Contestants travel to Shanghai.
  • 26 July, 2012: Final of the “Miss World 2012 Fashion Designer Award“. All the girls walk the ramp in an outfit designed by a fashion designer from their respective country.
  • 27 to 30 July: 2012 In Shanghai, Miss World participants will take part in the Fashion Designer Award on 26 July and the Miss World Charity Dinner. Girls will also get a chance to relax and see the attractions of Shanghai. Girls fly back to Ordos on 20 July.
  • 31 July to 2 August: Filming of contestants in Swimsuit, Designer Beachwear and Bikini in the desert around Ordos. Contestants will also be treated sights around Ordos Sanya. Filming of 2012 Miss World Swimsuit and beachwear. The Miss World 2012 official beachwear is designed by Lebanese Fashion Designer Dany Tabet. Dany is a past winner of the 2009 Miss World Best Designer Award.
  • 3 August: Semi-Final of the “2012 Miss World Beach Beauty Fashion Fast Track Challenge“.
  • 4 to 7 August: Travel back to Ordos. Contestants get an opportunity to catch their breath and prepare for the next set of events. Auditions and selection for the Sports events will be conducted. The girls also see the tourist attractions that Ordos has to offer.
  • 8 August: Final of the “2012 Miss World Talent Show Fast Track Contest” .
  • 9 August: Final of the “2012 Miss World Sports and Fitness Fast Track Event“. Miss World Sportswomen Final.
  • 10 to 11 August: Rehearsals for the main show on 18 August.
  • 12 August: Final of the “2012 Miss World Top Model Fast Track Challenge Event“.
  • 13 to 17 August: Preliminary Interviews and Rehearsals for the Miss World 2012 Final.
  • 18 August: FINAL of the 2012 Miss World Beauty Pageant. The contest will be followed by the Miss World Coronation Ball and Dinner.
  • 19 August: Participants will leave for their respective countries.

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Miss World 2012 Judges

The Judges at the 2012 Miss World contest are an esteemed panel who come from different parts of the world. The judges are:

  1. Nur Soegijatno (Indonesia)
  2. Donald Nguyen (Vietnam)
  3. Peren Arin (Turkey)
  4. Luis Trujillo (Dominican Republic)
  5. Katia Maes (Netherlands)
  6. Jean-marie Vandecasteele (Belgium)
  7. Maryna Gudzevata (Ukraine)
  8. Pedro Chadid (Colombia)
  9. Humberto Acevedo (Venezuela)
  10. Donald West (Canada)
  11. Andre Sleigh (South Africa)
  12. Edwin Toledo (Puerto Rico)
  13. Tony Amaral (Brazil)

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Presenter and Host of Miss World 2012

Jason John Cook will be the main host at the Final of Miss World 2012. 31 year old Jason Cook is an actor (“Days Of Our Lives”, “General Hospital”, etc), host/presenter and writer/producer/director of documentary and short films. Jason Cook was co-presenter with Angela Chow and Stephan Douglas at last year’s Miss World Final Ceremony. Jason Cook has also hosted four Daytime Emmy Awards. Jason is also founder of a multi-media production company called Digital Cuvee.

The other host and presenters are Myleene Klass (English singer, pianist, model, actress, radio jockey), Lilly Liu and Nai Ri Mu Tu.

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City and Location of the Miss World 2012 Contest

The Finals of the 2012 Miss World Competition will be held in Ordos in the Inner Mongolia region of the People’s Republic of China. The final will be held at Dongsheng Fitness Center Stadium. Ordos City is a relatively new city which has beautiful buildings, structures and infrastructure, but is sparsely populated. The organizers hope that the Miss World pageant will attract more people to Ordos just as it did for Sanya where the contest was held in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2010.

In addition to Ordos, The contestants will also travel to the Chinese cities of Shanghai, Hong Kong and Sanya.


Country that has Won Maximum Number of Miss World Titles

Venezuela has won 6 Miss World Titles and it holds the record for the maximum number of Miss World awards. The current Miss World 2011, “Ivian Lunasol Sarcos Colmenares”, is from Venezuela.

India and UK, are at second place with 5 Miss World titles each. Jamaica, US, Iceland and Sweden have 3 titles each.

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