Miss World 2012 Scoreboard, Points, Challenge Events, Semi Final, Final

At Miss World 2012, there are 7 Fast Track Events before the Semi-Final and Final. Contestants will receive points on a scoreboard for these events and these will get added to the candidate’s final points total. Hence these events and points on the scorecard are important for the contestants.

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Miss World 2012 Contestants in Swim wear and Beachwear for the Beach Beauty Event



Miss World 2012 Scoreboard

Complete list of 2012 Miss World Winners.

Below Tables have information on Scoreboard Points of 2012 Miss World Contestants. The Scorecard also shows events for which contenders have qualified.
Remarkably, ONLY MISS JAMAICA, Deanna Robins has qualified and is in the FINALS for 5 EVENTS that have taken place. MISS PHILIPPINES, Quenerich Rehman, is in second place with 4 events. 14 contestants have 3 events to their names; these are Miss Australia, Miss Brazil, Miss China PR, Miss Colombia, Miss India, Miss Kazakhstan, Miss Kenya, Miss Mexico, Miss Mongolia, Miss Puerto Rico, Miss Spain, Miss Sweden, Miss Ukraine, Miss Wales. Do you see the eventual MISS WORLD 2012 in this list?


2012 Miss World Scoreboard Points of TOP 15 Contestants

1 Miss China PR 294 WINNER
2 Miss Mexico 283
3 Miss Jamaica 275 TOP 7
4 Miss India 271 TOP 7
5 Miss South Sudan 267 TOP 7
6 Miss Australia 256 3rd POSITION
7 Miss Wales 255 2nd POSITION
8 Miss Philippines 254
9 Miss Brazil 252 TOP 7
10 Miss England 251
11 Miss Spain 248
12 Miss Netherlands 245
13 Miss Indonesia 225
14 Miss Kenya 214
15 Miss USA 152



Detailed Event Scoreboard of Contestants at Miss World 2012

Miss Angola YES
Miss Argentina YES YES
Miss Australia YES (Top 10) YES (Finalist) YES (Top 10)
Miss Austria YES YES (Shuttle Run)
Miss Bahamas YES YES (Top 10)
Miss Barbados YES (2nd in Swimming and Shuttle Run) YES (Top 10)
Miss Belize YES (Finalist)
Miss Bermuda YES
Miss Bolivia YES (Top 10)
Miss Bosnia & Herzegovina YES
Miss Brazil YES (Top 10) YES (Finalist) YES (Singing)
Miss Bulgaria YES
Miss Chile YES (Finalist)
Miss China PR YES (Top 10) YES (Finalist) WINNER OF TALENT (Singing)
Miss Colombia YES (Top 10) YES YES (Shuttle Run)
Miss Cote D’Ivoire YES
Miss Curacao YES (Dance)
Miss Cyprus YES
Miss Czech Republic YES (Top 10)
Miss Denmark YES YES (Dance)
Miss Dominican Republic YES (Relay)
Miss England YES YES (Top 10)
Miss Equatorial Guinea YES
Miss Fiji YES
Miss Finland
Miss Gabon YES
Miss Germany YES (Relay)
Miss Guadeloupe YES (Top 10) YES
Miss Guam
Miss Guatemala YES YES YES (Top 10)
Miss Guyana
Miss Hong Kong, China YES YES
Miss Hungary YES (Relay) YES (Top 10)
Miss Indonesia YES YES (Top 10)
Miss Ireland YES
Miss Israel YES YES
Miss Italy YES
Miss Jamaica YES YES (Finalist) TOP 5 AWARD (Dance) YES (Relay) YES (Top 10)
Miss Japan YES YES
Miss Kazakhstan YES YES YES (Dance)
Miss Kenya YES YES YES (Top 10)
Miss Latvia YES YES (Dance)
Miss Lithuania YES
Miss Macau China YES (Dance) YES (1st in Swimming and Shuttle Run)
Miss Martinique YES
Miss Mexico YES YES (Finalist) YES (Top 10)
Miss Mongolia YES YES YES (Dance)
Miss Nepal YES (Top 10)
Miss Netherlands YES
Miss Nigeria YES (Top 10) YES
Miss Northern Ireland YES (Top 10) YES (Shuttle Run)
Miss Norway TOP 5 AWARD (Instrument + Singing)
Miss Panama TOP 5 AWARD (Singing)
Miss Paraguay YES (Instrument + Singing) YES
Miss Peru YES (Top 10)
Miss Philippines YES YES TOP 5 AWARD (Beat Boxing) YES (Top 10)
Miss Poland YES YES (Finalist)
Miss Portugal YES YES (3rd in Swimming)
Miss Puerto Rico YES YES YES (Top 10)
Miss Sierra Leone YES (Singing)
Miss Scotland YES (1st in 100 Meter Run and Shuttle Run)
Miss Singapore
Miss Slovakia YES
Miss Slovenia YES (Relay)
Miss South Africa YES
Miss South Sudan YES YES (TOP MODEL at MISS WORLD 2012)
Miss Spain YES YES (Finalist) YES (Top 10)
Miss Sri Lanka YES
Miss St Kitts and Nevis YES (Instrument + Singing)
Miss Suriname YES
Miss Sweden YES YES WINNER of MISS WORLD 2012 SPORT WOMAN (Winner of Penalty Shootout and Relay) YES (Top 10)
Miss Thailand YES
Miss Trinidad and Tobago YES YES
Miss Turkey YES
Miss Uganda YES (Winner of Penalty Shootout)
Miss Ukraine YES YES YES (Top 10)
Miss United States YES (Top 10)
Miss US Virgin Islands YES (Singing)
Miss Vietnam YES
Miss Venezuela YES

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Group Picture of All Miss World 2012 Contestants in China


Facebook Votes for 2012 Miss World 2012 Multimedia Award

The Multimedia Award is a new Fast Track Challenge Event introduced this year at Miss World. The more the number of “LIKES” on a contestants Facebook Official Page, the higher the points that the contestants were receive. The Facebook votes of the Miss World contestants is as follows:

1 Miss Thailand 166,291
2 Miss Nepal 130,871
3 Miss Chile 58,434
4 Miss Philippenes 38,505
5 Miss Vietnam 35,679
6 Miss India 35,617
7 Miss Paraguay 32,823
8 Miss Venezuela 15,108
9 Miss Peru 13,198
10 Miss Mexico 12,742
11 Miss Indonesia 11,272
12 Miss El Salvador 10,246
13 Miss Turkey 8,003
14 Miss Seychelles 6,844
15 Miss Guyana 5,781


Over the last two days Miss India, Vanya Mishra, has had an impressive increase in Facebook votes. She has moved up in rank to the 6th position. If she continues to get votes at the current rate, she will soon get ahead of Miss Philippines and Miss Vietnam. Other impressive votes gainers over the last two days have been Miss Thailand (9,500 additional votes), Miss Nepal (5,600), Miss Chile (2,200), Miss Paraguay (1,300), Miss Philippines (800) and Miss Mongolia (800). Other than Miss India, there has been no change  in the TOP 15 ranking based on Facebook Votes.  The TOP 15 contestants can be classified into 4 categories:

  1. Clear Leaders with over 130,000 votes: Miss Thailand and Miss Nepal
  2. Second Rung of Leaders with 33,500 to 58,500 votes: Miss Chile, Miss Philippines, Miss Vietnam, Miss India, Miss Paraguay
  3. Struggling to catch up with 10,000 to 15,500 votes: Miss Venezuela, Miss Peru, Miss Mexico, Miss Indonesia, Miss El Salvador
  4. The last rung with less than 8,500 votes: Miss Turkey, Miss Seychelles , Miss Guyana

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Fast Track Challenge Events at Miss World 2012

There are seven Fast Track Challenge Events at 2012 Miss World where the contenders get to score points before the semi-finals.  The seven Fast Track Events are:

1] Miss World 2012 Beauty with a Purpose

This fast track event has the MAXIMUM POINTS. Marks are given for charitable causes that participants support. From all the contestants, 30 will be selected.

2] Miss World 2012 Beach Beauty

Miss World 2012 contestants will be judged on different beach wear or swimsuit. Contest will be held in Ordus on Monday August 6, 2012 and there will be 20 final contenders.

3] Miss World 2012 Sports and Fitness

The participants are expected to be able to do exercises such as sit ups, jumping jacks, chair leg lifts, pushups, etc. They are timed while doing these exercises. The Final contest will have 20 contestants and will be held in Ordus on Wednesday, August 8, 2012. Contestants will compete in three disciplines (running, swimming, games) in individual and team events (4 teams of 5 each).

4] Miss World 2012 Performing Talent

In the “Performing Talent” Event, Miss World aspirants show cases their unique talent. The preliminary qualifying round was on 21 July, 2012. 24 contestants qualified for the 2012 Miss World Talent Show Final, which will is on Friday, August 10, 2012.

5] Miss World 2012 Top Model

The qualifying round to determine the TOP MODEL at Miss World 2012 was held in Ordos on 23 July, 2012. 47 contestants qualified for the Final of the Miss World 2012 Top Model Event on Sunday, August 12, 2012. For the Top Model prize, 2012 Miss World contestants will walk the ramp in gowns by a designer selected by the organizers.

6] Miss World 2012 World Fashion Designer Award

For the 2012 Miss World Fashion Designer Award, the participants walked the ramp in a dress (usually a gown), which was designed by a fashion designer from the country they represent. The World Fashion Designer Award was held in Shanghai on July 26, 2012.

7] Miss World 2012 Multimedia Award

This is a new Miss World Fast Track Challenge started from 2012. Starting July 25, Miss World 2012 contestants will be able to upload their pictures, videos, messages onto their special pages on the Miss World website. They will receive points for their web page. The aim is to make the Miss World contest more interactive.

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Final of Miss World 2012 on Aug 18 – Sequence of Events

  • Large Worldwide audience will view the finals. Miss World is among the most viewed entertainment event in the world. It is also among the top entertainment events for which betting companies and websites receive the most gambling bets.
  • Guest will be welcomed with an entertainment program
  • ALL contestants (120+) will come on stage in a traditional dress from their country. There will be music and dance and each contestant will get a chance to showcase the dance and clothes from their country.
  • Judges will be introduced.
  • There will be an entertainment program while the girls change into their gowns.
  • ALL contestants (120+) change into gowns and come on stage once again.
  • Winners of the “Beauty with a Purpose” challenge and the “Multimedia Award” will be announced.
  • The TOP 30 contestant scores will be displayed on a giant screen. The TOP 30 will stay back on stage and the other contestants will exit.
  • Brief profiles of the TOP 30 contestants will be shown on the giant screen.
  • The TOP 15 contestants based on the sum of the Preliminary Interview score and the scores of the 6 Fast Track Challenge Events will be the Semi-Finalist.
  • There will be a Question and Answer session with each of the15 Semi-Finalist.
  • Based on the Q&A, 7 Finalist will be selected.
  • Each of the 7 Finalists will be asked questions.
  • While the judges decide their final scores, all the contestants (120+) will come back on the stage for the announcement of the winners.
  • The Second Runner Up will be announced, followed by the First Runner Up and then the Winner of the 2012 Miss World Title. Last year’s winners will crown the 2012 Miss World winners.
  • The 3 winners will attend a special photo session for the world’s media. All contestants will attend the Miss World 2012 Coronation ball and dinner, before leaving for their respective countries the next day.

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