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Complaint against Mumbai Auto or Mumbai Taxi or Mumbai Bus Service

If you have faced harassment at the hands of a Mumbai Auto or Mumbai Taxi driver or Mumbai Bus Service, then there are 2 methods of registering a complaint:

 1800220110 or 9869089898 or for complaint against Mumbai Auto, Taxi, Bus



1] Mumbai Regional Transport Offices (RTO) and Mumbai Traffic Police

Mumbai Traffic Police accepts complaints against the below three and forwards it to the respective Mumbai Regional Transport Offices (RTO) office for processing.

  • Complaint against Mumbai Auto (auto rickshaw)
  • Complaint against Mumbai Taxi or Cab
  • Complaint against Mumbai Buses

There are 4 ways of raising a Mumbai Autorickshaw, Mumbai Taxi or BEST Bus Complaint with the Mumbai Traffic Police and Mumbai RTO


a] Toll Free Help Line “1800-22-0110” for Raising Mumbai Auto, Taxi or Bus Complaint


  • “1800220110” is a toll free interactive system where the complaint information is recorded and stored on the police computer database.
  • Complainant needs to provide following information:
  • Vehicle number and type (auto, taxi, bus). In case of BEST bus, the number of the bus.
  • Date and time of occurrence of the complaint
  • Place of occurrence of the complaint
  • Nature of the complaint with details
  • Date of complaint
  • Name, address, email-id and contact number of the person raising the complaint. As per the Mumbai traffic police, complainant’s name is not disclosed.
  • The complaint is then forwarded to the respective RTO where the problem occurred.
  • The RTO’s prosecution branch issues a show cause notice and sends it to the taxi/auto driver’s registered address.
  • The errant taxi or auto driver has 14 days to respond to the show cause notice.
  • In case the RTO is not satisfied with the driver’s response, the driver’s license is suspended for 15 days and a fine is imposed.
  • If the driver does not respond in the allocated 14 days, officials of the RTO try to track him down.
  • In case RTO officials are not able to track the taxi/auto driver, then they take up the case with the driver when he/she comes for annual renewal of taxi/auto license.


b] Online Complaint on Mumbai Traffic Police Website

Fill an Online Complaint Form on the Mumbai Traffic Police Website for Raising Mumbai Auto, Taxi or BEST Bus Complaint.

A complaint form can be raised online at the Mumbai Traffic Police Website. Details in step (a) need to be provided. Marathi complaint form is also available on the Mumbai Traffic Police Website.


c] Email Complaint to Mumbai Transport Commissioner and RTO

Email to Mumbai Transport Commissioner and Relevant  RTO for Raising Bombay Auto, Taxi or BEST Bus Complaint

Complaint against Mumbai Auto, Mumbai Taxi or BEST Bus can be emailed to the following:



d] Mumbai Auto, Taxi or BEST Bus Complaint with RTO

Raise Mumbai Autorickshaw, Taxi or BEST Bus Complaint at One of the Six RTOs in Mumbai

Visit one of the below six Mumbai RTOs where the problem occurred to raise a complaint. For BEST buses, complaint books are available at the depot of the respective BEST bus.

  • Tardeo
  • Worli
  • Andheri
  • Wadala
  • Ghatkopar
  • Thane

[Note: Address and phone number of Mumbai RTO (Regional Transport Offices) is at the bottom of the article]



2] Anna Hazare’s India Against Corruption SMS at 9869089898 and Complaint Website “” against Mumbai Auto

To tackle the ill treatment of Mumbai residents by Mumbai Autorickshaw drivers, Anna Hazare’s “India Against Corruption” has started a SMS complaint registration system (9869089898) and a complaint website ( Complaints can be sent in Hindi or English.

Anna Hazare’s “India Against Corruption” are registering Mumbai autorickshaw complaints on 9869089898 or



a] SMS Complaint against Mumbai Auto Drivers to 9869089898

i) SMS your Mumbai autorickshaw related complaint to Anna Hazare’s India Against Corruption SMS 98690 89898.

ii) 5 types are complaints are registered – Overcharging, Refusal, No Meter, Fast Meter, Rude Driver.

iii) Hindi Keywords for the above 5 complaints are

  • Jyadabhada
  • ManaKiya
  • NoMeter
  • MeterKharab
  • Badtameezi

iv) English Keywords for the above 5 complaints are

  • ExcessFare
  • Refused
  • NoMeter
  • FastMeter
  • Rude

v) SMS should have the following 3 information

  • Complaint keyword
  • Auto Number
  • Location of Complaint

Example of SMS: Refused MH02AH4598 Andheri or Ref MH02AH4598 Andh or Manakiya MH02AH4598 Andheri or Man MH02AH4598 Andh

vi) Anna Hazare’s India Against Corruption will take up your complaint with the RTO.

[Note: Please find SMS instructions at the bottom of the article. These instructions have been taken from the India Against Corruption website.]


b] Register a Complaint Against Mumbai Auto drivers at “”

Register a Complaint Against Mumbai Auto drivers at Anna Hazare’s India Against Corruption Complaint Website “

Complaint against Mumbai auto drivers can also be raised at Anna Hazare’s India Against Corruption Complaint Website “”.




Mumbai Taxi Tariff Card for Black and Yellow cabs

Mumbai Autorickshaw Tariff Card


SMS instructions from the India Against Corruption website

Some tips about sending SMS requests about rickshaw-related malpractices:

(1) Please use the following format: <Keyword> <RickshawNumber> <StationName>.  Send messages to 98 69 08 98 98.

(2) Please use any of the following keywords only: Jyadabhada, ExcessFare, ManaKiya, Refused, NoMeter, MeterKharab, FastMeter, Badtameezi, Rude.

(3) Please use only the first four letters of the keyword.

(4) KEEP NO SPACE within the keyword.  “ManaKiya” -> Allowed.  “Mana” -> Allowed.  “Mana Kiya” -> NOT Allowed.

(5) Please KEEP NO SPACE within the rickshaw number.  “MH04J1234” -> Allowed.  “MH 04J 1234” -> NOT Allowed.

(6) Keep one space each between keyword & rickshaw number, and between rickshaw number and station name.

Example: “Mana MH04J1234 Churchgate” -> Allowed. “Mana Kiya MH 04J 1234 Church gate” -> NOT Allowed.

(7) Please send only your specific well-formatted SMS requests on the helpline.  We have received several messages with compliments and suggestions, and we thank you for those, however, our system can process only well-formatted SMS requests, and it ignores other sentences.  We request your cooperation with the same.


Address and phone number of Mumbai RTO (Regional Transport Offices)

1] Regional Transport Office – RTO in Andheri

Address: Regional Transport Office, D/111, Ambivali Village, Versova Road, Near Manish Nagar, Andheri (West), Mumbai, Pincode – 400053.

Telephone Number: 6362252, 26366957, 26319821

2] Regional Transport Office – RTO in Ghatkopar

Telephone Number: 25115202

3] Regional Transport Office – RTO in Thane

Telephone Number: 25340474

4] Regional Transport Office – RTO in Worli

Address: 25/Sir Pochkhanwala Road, Worli, Pincode : 400025, Mumbai

Telephone Number: 25340474

5] Regional Transport Office – RTO in Wadala

Address: B/2, 3rd Flr, Wadala Truck Terminal, Wadala Road, Pincode : 400037

6] Regional Transport Office – RTO In Tardeo

Address: Old Bodyguard Lane, Tulsiwadi Tardeo, Mumbai, Pincode – 400034.

Telephone Number: 24944600, 24932337, 24944601, 24944602





Image by Chingkhei Nganba Sapam. Image used under Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Image by Jan Koch. Image used under Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Image by John Gulliver. Image used under Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Image by Deepankar Raj. Image used under Creative Commons license CC BY-NC 2.0


  12 Responses to “Mumbai Auto, Mumbai Taxi or BEST Bus Complaint on 1800220110 or 9869089898 or (Anna Hazare)”

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  6. Greeting from across the ocean. excellent blog I will return for more.

  7. hey where’d my comment go?

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  9. Bus No:MH01 AP0410
    Root no: 448
    Parmeshwar Vasudev Aatekar.
    MH 25 20080007728
    I am Anil Baban Holkar wanted to complaint about Bus Driver of the MH01 AP0410 (Root no: 448) Licence No: MH 25 20080007728 Mr. Parmeshwar Vasudev Aatekar.

    Bus Driver of the Bus No MH01 AP0410 wanted to go to left but he went to right side and took immediate left and closely Overtake my Bike on the National park Borivali Highway at the same time one four wheeler was coming from behind about to dash my bike , I luckily survive from the accident . Is this faire???? Our life is not valuable at all?? I want Justice, Please take action against Bus Driver .I was shouting at him but he was least bother, people told me Nobody can heart them, they can do whatever they want .Traffic rule are for us not for them .I want Justice.
    Please call me on 8898669135
    You can also mail me on ,
    Anil B Holkar.

    • Mr Holkar,

      Many Mumbaites have had similar experience with bus drivers.

      May I suggest that you go to the Bus Number 448 depot and write a complaint. Each depot has a complaint book.

      In my experience, BEST investigates all complaints that it receives. Even if you can not attend their hearings, they will question the driver.


  10. Good information but the email id you provided “” is wrong. The mail is bouncing back. Please correct it.

  11. Respected sir / Madam,

    Complain against an irresponsible Best bus driver dash my vehicle from back

    Submitted by: Sachin S.Singh

    SUBJECT Best bus driver broke signal, endangered life was abusive very rude rashly driving
    Bus driver trying to kill me and when he was unsuccessful then also he was trying to beat me he left the steering and came down from bus to beat me.
    Before to this I faced many problems with these BEST bus drivers on road guys but this time it was really shocking experience for me.
    I would like to bring it to the notice of BEST dept as their drivers so ruthless, egoistic, manner less, abusive that they do not first obey the lane discipline, break signals & also argues even though when they are at fault with abusive languages.

    Also say that go and do whatsoever you can do I would be the way I am and no one can do anything as I have all contact.
    The driver was rash driving and I was almost on the verge of getting killed fractionally. It was done on purpose and with full intention, that to 3 times in such a small time. i also observed that the bus driver wasn’t bothered to stop at the bus stop, but was only trying to vanish the road after hitting my bike.
    I have taken the batch no of the diver and I hope this requires you once action is taken against him
    This complaint is against best bus driver whose badge number is 05474.the conductor was also there his batch# 197996. He was driving bus number MH 01 AP 0320, the depot (Majas) # 1544/MJ at approximately 10:45am down western express highway, road below Andheri fly over Andheri (east) bishleri signal.
    I was riding my bike toward seepz office on Thursday dated :01/19/:2012 ,time 10:45AM , location western express highway road below andheri fly over andheri (east)bishleri signal.,on the centre lane and the driver come when from back and hit me back on the bike from my right site ,although there were plenty of space at right and he don’t allow to drive at 1st lane ,
    I waited on bike at the signal at the intersection for about 30 seconds for the light to turn green. There were not many vehicles and not much of traffic. The driver came in rashly and stopped at back of my bike and he starting honking unnecessary, since I was waiting to red signal become green that’s why I can not move ahead, but he drove the bus very rashly and touched my bike inappropriate way and hit my bike due to which my bike’s leg guard broken. This bus dashed against my bike and scratched on the right side where my right leg just missed this happening i managed my leg from accident many people must have heard the sound of dashing. but since i had to attend the office, later i complaint to police department about this incident. I was about to fall down and due to this incident luckily it missed injury to my leg. At that time, the best driver drove past a red light at very high speed, and touched my bike by his bus.

    Really felt so embarrassed how drivers sitting on such higher level where he could see my bike very clearly and he could get good judgment whether to pass through the way near my bike.

    I chased the bus, blocked the driver and demanded an apology for endangering my life. He refused to admit any wrong-doing and instead blamed me for breaking the signal. While a heated argument ensued, he dared me to make the best take any action against him.
    With a kind gesture i requested to stop the bus for a minute to understand why he did it. By that time he put the gear very loudly and that sounded very loud he accelerated the engine at very high the noise was very horrible to make me feel terror and suddenly again brushed my bike , but to my shock the bus driver did not even mind that he brushed my bike but with least humanity accelerated the bus and in a rude way asked me to “go-off” and that he will not stop the bus. This reaction of absolute carelessness could had caused an accident to me
    Before reaching the bus stop there was a car show room(sai service) gate There were vehicles crossing the road and our lane had to stop before the vehicles crossing the road was been cleared, by that time my bike was ahead of the bus. There was enough time to him say sorry to me. I turned down to look at the bus and check why he did this act.

    Immediately I started hearing the worst abuses a best bus official could ever speak while he was on his duty. He was abusing me as if I had my may ahead and there was no vehicles crossing the road. After the vehicles were clear I immediately started my bike and took to the right of the road and stopped as I had to take a u-turn to go seepz my office.
    But the bus driver stopped the bus started howling creating an embarrassment to me as if I had done something wrong. to show off his ego as if he was the driver of best bus and the did not apply to him and has the right to do any thing. He started to curse my family members though he was at wrong. It added to my frustration as he was not allowing me to utter a word, then I though that there was no point to get myself indulged in that absurd conversation which will only ruin my state of mind and will also cause further issues to the public boarded in the bus (as it will delay their commuting time). I chose not to speak to that uncultured man who is not even having a sense of the duty and responsibility he was carrying.
    The driver did not even have the courtesy to get down and say sorry or ask if something happened. The bus drivers and conductors need to be sensitive and they have no right to play with our lives.

    I had complain there to the available traffic police , but no response , even I was asked to leave the road immediateness other wise we will book u in any case, and even police marshal bike was there no body helped me.
    Sir I have seen by own eyes on roads, many people killed by BEST bus driver even in my area also, they have made 3 families helpless. So prevent to this I want teach them a lesson.
    Is this the kind of employees the best officials deploy? What assurance do we have as public letting our family members boarding the bus and people who are on road walking, riding the bike or going in there in pvt vehicle who forget being polite but behaves in as arrogant as possible in order to show his so called “ego”
    We appreciate the best for the untiring help and service to the city, but we can not stand and watch as a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch.
    I expect some disciplinary actions to be taken against that driver to discourage such anti-social IS THIS THE DESCENCY AND GOOD CULTURE IN OUR INDIA? NO COURTEOUSY TO STOP THE BUS AND ASK FOR APOLOGY.



    Please take the necessary actions against such people. If fate hadn’t been on our side then i would have been killed today. Please take the necessary action as soon as possible
    Bus details:
    Driver name :Subhas Inglekar , detail of the bus his batch no. 05474,
    bus rto no is: MH 01 AP 0320,
    same complain have been launched at Andheri police station rcpt. No of the compl. Is 131(dated 20/1/2012), the available police were non cooperative, saying don’t do that because nothing will happen,
    santacruz bus station on the 21.01.2012 date around 4:15 pm, on Saturday rcpt. No of the compl. Is 2,
    I have taught that the complain rcpt is not the relevant because the available staff were non cooperative, saying don’t do that be cause nothing will happen, I have photographs of all above incident. Please suggest that where to upload,) thanks
    i have already called the 1800-22-7550 and registered a complain against him. The complaint number is 72(dated 21/1/2012 complain received by Mr. sanjay). I want the BEST to warning him in the best possible way to avoid future repeat incidents.
    bus number: 39
    bus last stop: seepz bus station


    yours faithfully,