Mumbai BMC Budget For 2012 – 2013

BMC HQ where the 2012 - 2013 Mumbai budget was presented.

Mumbai’s budget for 2012 – 2013 was presented by Mumbai Municipal Commissioner, Subodh Kumar, on March 20, 2012. Mumbai’s budget estimates a surplus of Rs 106 crore and projected revenue of Rs 26,581 crore, which is a 26% increase more than last year (Rs 21,096 in 2011-12). In its budget, the BMC has hiked water and sewerage rates, garbage collection rates, health services and fees on local licenses. Water and sewerage charges were last increases in 2002. The BMC plans to increase these rates by 10% every year. The BMC budget has focused on improving roads, health services, open spaces, gardens, school education and school infrastructure. The BMC budget proposes to spend Rs 9,359.76 crore (Rs 7,637.65 crore in 2011-12) on civic infrastructure projects

The city of Mumbai’s budget is larger than many small Indian state government budgets, including Goa, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Meghalaya, Manipur, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh.


Mumbai BMC Budget 2012 – 2013 Financials

  • BMC Projected Revenue for 2012 – 2013: Rs 26,581.02 crore (Rs 265.81 billion)
  • BMC Projected Expenditure for 2012 – 2013: Rs 26,474.10 crore (Rs 264.74 billion)
  • BMC Projected Surplus for 2012 – 2013: Rs 106.92 crore (Rs 1.06 billion)


Mumbai BMC Budget Allocation / Expenditure For 2012 – 2013

BMC plans to spend Rs 26,474.10 crore in 2012 – 2013. Apart from employee salaries, which is a large chunk of the expenditure, the proposed amount will be primarily spent in the following sectors:

  • Mumbai Road Infrastructure: Rs 1,466 crore (Rs 713 crore in 2011-12). Rs 800 crore will be spent on concretization of 241 kms and Rs 112 crore for asphalt of 267 kms of city roads. Marine Drive was concertized in 1940. Marine Drive will be resurfaced using mechanized mastic technology at Rs 36 crore (Rs 15 for this year). Rs 327 crore will be spent on resurfacing 253 road and foot over bridges. BMC will also use new technology in road maintenance, such as cold-mix technology for filling pot-holes, Road Maintenance Management System (RMMS), radar road scanners, sensor-based rollers, etc.

  • Mumbai Municipal Health Sector: Rs 2,345.68 crore (Rs 2,183.1 crore in 2011-12). At present BMC has 11,625 beds in Municipal hospitals. The BMC budget proposes to enhance the infrastructure of 16 peripheral hospitals. 1047 new hospital beds (713 in Western suburbs & 334 in Central Suburbs) will be added in 16 peripheral hospitals over 3 years (432 beds in 2012-13 fiscal year). 50 neo-natal intensive care units will be added in Mumbai. 200 new trauma beds (mainly at Sion hospital) and 51 new dialysis units will be added in Mumbai hospitals. 11 peripheral hospitals will get new dental care surgical services. 24 new TB ward officers will be appointed. A new trauma care hospital at Jogeshwari has been proposed. BYL Nair Hospital will be developed into a model cancer care centre. KEM and Nair will have mammography facilities and 25 dispensaries will be able to screen breast cancer patients. Rs 40 crore has been earmarked for diagnostic facilities like MRI and CT scan. Computerization of hospitals, dispensaries, maternity homes and medical colleges has been propsed.
  • Mumbai Municipal School Education: Rs 2,342 crore (Rs 1,800 crore in 2011-12). BMC has a total of 1,174 schools with 11,487 primary school teachers and 1,474 secondary school teachers. 400 new schools will get virtual classrooms.77 municipal schools will undergo a complete revamp. New teacher training center will be set up. 461 schools will get water purifiers.
  • Mumbai Water supply and Sewerage: Rs 2,479 crore. The aim is to finish the Middle Vaitarna project this year. Mumbai will get additional 455 million litres of water daily from July, 2012. Rs 905 crore will be spent on 6 tunnels. Phase 2 of Mumbai Sewage Disposal Project will be started. Work on replacement of a 32 km stretch of Tansa Mains will also start this year. Rs 35 crore will be spent on replacement of old distribution mains, foundation of District Metering Zones, installation of bulk flow meters etc.
  • Mumbai Open Spaces: Rs 263 crore has been proposed for open spaces. 20,000 new garbage bins will be placed at 10,000 locations
  • 13 new gardens and a new Estuarian Park: Rs 43 crore
  • Conservation of trees & census: Rs 28.38 crore
  • Brahanmumbai Storm Water Drainage (BRIMSTOWAD): Rs 794 crore will be spent this year.
  • Mumbai Zoo restoration: Rs 70 crore (total cost Rs 150 crore)
  • Improve transparency and services offered by BMC: Rs 130.77 which will be spent on initiatives such as IT. BMC proposes to install a standalone Disaster Recovery Site and IT Security System outside Mumbai seismic zone for every computer system commissioner at Worli Data Centre, which is BMC’s nerve centre.
  • Mithi River Project: Rs 50 crore.


Mumbai BMC Budget 2012 – 2013 Revenue or Income

Mumbai BMC expects a total income of Rs 26,581 crore in 2012 – 2013 (Rs 21,096 in 2011-12). The main contributors to this revenue are:

  • Octroi estimate for 2012 – 2013: Rs 6,100 crore (Rs 5,800 crore in 2011-12)
  • Property Tax estimate for 2012 – 2013: Rs 4,313 crore (Rs 3962 crore in 2011-12)
  • Development charge from Builders estimate for 2012 – 2013: Rs 3,435 crore (Rs 1,798 crore in 2011-12)


Sharp Increase in BMC Budgets

Over the years, the outlay of the BMC budgets has increased sharply. Mentioned below are previous year budget figures:

  • 2006-07: Rs 6715.5 crore
  • 2007-08: Rs 12,866 crore
  • 2008-09: Rs 16,792 crore
  • 2009-10: Rs 19,931 crore
  • 2010-11: Rs 20,417 crore
  • 2011-12: Rs 21,096 crore
  • 2012-13: Rs 26,581 crore


Image by Francisco Martins. Image used under Creative Commons license CC BY-NC 2.0
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