Mumbai Holidays in 2019, Maharashtra Bank Holidays

Table has the list of Mumbai Holidays in 2019. This is also the list of Public Holidays and Bank Holidays in Maharashtra and Mumbai in 2019.



Maharashtra Public Holidays, Mumbai Holidays in 2019

26 January, 2019 Saturday REPUBLIC DAY: Indian Constitution came into effect
19 February, 2019 Tuesday CHATRAPATTI SHIVAJI MAHARAJ JAYANTI: Birthday of Shivaji
04 March, 2019 Monday MAHASHIVRATRI: Wedding day of Hindu God Lord Shiva. According to legend Shiva saved the universe on this day.
21 March, 2019 Thursday HOLI: Hindu Festival of Colour. “Holika” (burning of wooden pyre) is burnt on the eve of Holi to celebrate the victory of good over evil
06 April, 2019 Saturday GUDI PADWA: New Year for Maharastrians and Konkanis. UGADI, which is the Kanada and Telegu New Year is also celebrated on this day
17 April, 2019 Wednesday MAHAVIR JAYANTI: Birthday of Mahavir, the 24th and last Tirthankara (spiritual teacher) of the Jains
19 April, 2019 Friday GOOD FRIDAY: Christian festival that marks the death of Jesus Christ. Easter, on 21 April, 2019, celebrates the resurection of Jesus Christ
01 May, 2019 Wednesday MAHARASHTRA DAY (MAHARASHTRA DIWAS): Day on which the state of Maharastra State came into existance
04 June, 2019 Tuesday RAMADAN : This Muslim festival is also known as Ramzan, Id (Eid-Al-Fitr or Id-Al-Fitr or Eid-Ul-Fitr). It is the end of the Muslim holy month of fasting. Officially Ramadan starts on the previous evening. NOTE: Date may change depending on the phase of the moon.
04 August, 2018 Saturday BUDDHA PURNIMA: This Buddhist festival is also known as Vesak and Buddha Jayanti. Festival celebrate the birth of Gautum Buddha and his Enlightenment
12 August, 2019 Monday ID-UL-ZUA: Also known as Eid-Al-Adha or Bakri Id. This Muslim Festival celebrates Abraham/Ibrahim’s devotion to God, by willing to sacrifice his son. Festival starts on the previous evening. NOTE: Date may change depending on the phase of the moon.
15 August, 2019 Thursday INDEPENDENCE DAY
17 August, 2019 Saturday PARSI NEW YEAR (NOWRUZ OR NAVROZ): “Nowruz” or “Pateti” is the Parsi New Year and also the Day of Repentance. Pateti date is based on the Parsee Shahenshahi or Kadmi calendar.
31 August, 2019 Saturday MOHARUM: Also known as “Muharram Ashura”. This Muslim festival is observed on the 10th Day of the holy month of Muharam. NOTE: Date may change depending on the phase of the moon.
02 September, 2019 Monday GANESH CHATURTHI: This 10 day Hindu Festival celebrates the birth of Lord Ganesh. Sarvojanik (Community) Ganesh Chaturthi celebrated in Mumbai is unique in the world. This is arguably the most popular festival in Mumbai.
02 October, 2019 Wednesday MAHATMA GANDHI JAYANTI: The birthday of the Father of the Nation.
08 October, 2019 Tuesday DUSSEHRA: Hindu festival celebrates the triumph of Good (Lord Ram) over Evil (Ravana). Also known as Dasara and VijayaDashami, this festival marks the end of Navratri. Dusshera is also the end of Durga Puja
28 October, 2019 Monday DIWALI – BALI PRATIPADA: The fourth day of Diwali is the Gujarati New Year, Govardhan Pooja and Bali Padwa for Maharashtrians
12 November, 2019 Tuesday GURU NANAK JAYANTI: Birthday of Guru Nanak, the founder of the Sikh religion and also the first spiritual Guru of the Sikhs
25 December, 2019 Wednesday CHRISTMAS: Birth of Jesus Christ



List Of Bank Holidays In Maharashtra In 2019

The following days are Maharashtra bank holidays in 2019. These holidays allow banks to reconcile and close their account books.

01 April, 2019 Monday Mumbai and Maharashtra Bank Holiday in 2019 to enable Banks to close their annual account books.
01 October, 2019 Tuesday Mumbai and Maharashtra Bank Holiday in 2019 to enable Banks to close their semi-annual account books.


Mumbai Holidays in 2019, Maharashtra Bank Holidays 2019


Maharashtra And Mumbai Holidays In 2019 On Sunday

The following Mumbai Holidays in 2019 are on Sundays.

14 April, 2019 Sunday RAM NAVAMI: Lord Ram’s Birthday. It is celebrated on the ninth and last day of the “Chaitra” (Spring) Navratri
14 April, 2019 Sunday Dr. BABASAHEB AMBEDKAR JAYANTI: Birthday of Bharat Ratna Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s Birthday, social reformer and architect of the Indian Constitution. People from all over India pay tribute at his memorial in Dadar Chowpatty
27 October, 2019 Sunday DIWALI – LAXMI PUJA: During the 5 day Diwali celebrations Laxmi Puja and Chopda Pooja fall on the third day. This is a New Moon Day (Amavasya). Diwali is the festival of light that celebrates the return of Lord Ram to Ayodhya.
10 November, 2019 Sunday EID-E-MILAD: This Muslim festival celebrates the birth of Prophet Muhammad. Celebrations start from the previous evening. This festival is also known as Mawlid, Milad-Un-Nabi and Id-E-Milad. NOTE: Date may change depending on the phase of the moon.




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