Mumbai’s Tourist Places and Things to do for Families with Kids

Listed below are Mumbai’s main tourist attractions and fun activities that residents and tourists can enjoy with their children.

  1. Nature and Picnic Spots
  2. Beaches, Boats and Sea
  3. Tourist Attractions, Tours
  4. Art, Museums and History
  5. Theme and Amusement Parks
  6. Sports and Games
  7. Attractions Outside Mumbai



1] Mumbai Nature, Parks, Picnic Spots for Families and Children

Borivali National Park – Lion and Tiger Safari, Boating, Toy Train

Lion and Tiger Safari at Mumbai's Borivali National Park.


Sanjay Gandhi National Park (aka Borivali National Park) is a large protected forest (National Park). Spread over 104 Sq Km, Mumbai’s Sanjay Gandhi National Park has 251 species of birds, 40 species of mammals (deer, leopards, lions, porcupine, hyena, etc), 50,000 species of insects, 38 species of reptiles (crocodiles, cobras, vipers, pythons, lizards, etc), 150 species of butterflies, 9 species of amphibians, 172 species of butterflies and 1,000 plant species.

6 Kms in the deep forest of Sanjay Gandhi National Park are the 2,400 year old Buddhist rock formations of Kanheri Caves. Tulsi and Vihar Lake are inside the National Park. Borivali National Park is one of Asia’s most visited National Parks. Boriwali National Park is the green lungs of Mumbai city. It is a great place for a picnic for the entire family.

Key attractions and activities for visitors to Sanjay Gandhi National Park are as follows:

  • Lion and Tiger Safari in a bus
  • Large forest with rich biodiversity
  • Boating in pedal boats
  • Mini train, called “Vavrani” (Jungle Queen), that travels 2.5 Km through the National Park
  • Kanheri Caves has many caves, historical Buddhist monuments and stunning views of Borivali National Park and Mumbai from the top of the caves
  • 6 Km hike from the entrance to Kanheri Caves
  • Regular educational nature trips and hikes organized by Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) and World Wide Fund for Nature – India (WWF-India)
  • Hikes, rock climbing and nature trails (Ashok Van trail, Malad trail, Yeoor trail, Shilonda trail, Gaumukh trail, etc – details at the Borivali entrance of the National Park, or call 022- 28866449)
  • Open children’s play area near the entrance
  • Trimurti Jain Temple

Timing of Borivali National Park is from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm. Special morning walk passes are available for walks from 5:00 am to 7:30 am. Borivali Station is the closest Mumbai Local train station.


BNHS Treks, Bird Watching, Nature Excursions and BNHS Camps

Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) conducts One day nature walks, bird watching sessions, insect spotting programs, nature treks, talks by experts, film screening, etc, in and around Mumbai. In addition BNHS also conducts some very interesting National and International camps.

All these interesting activities are not restricted to BNHS members, but non-members too can enjoy them. For details of Bombay Natural History Society’s programs visit their website.

Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) is one of India’s largest and oldest NGOs involved in nature conservation and biodiversity research. BNHS also conducts educational programs, publishes a quarterly magazine called “Hornbill”, publishes books and audio/video material, has an extensive library and offers consultancy services.


Mumbai Zoo (Jijamata Udyan)

Elephants and other animals at Mumbai Zoo (Jijamata Udyan).


Mumbai Zoo is spread over 48 acres at Byculla, in Central Mumbai. Bombay Zoo has lions, elephants, bears, monkeys, crocodiles, deer, hippopotamus, snakes, peacocks, birds, pelicans, flamingos, etc. Children will enjoy the animals and green open spaces. There is a play area for kids in the Zoo. There are plans to improve Mumbai Zoo, but not much has been implemented.

Official name of Mumbai’s Zoo is “Veermata Jijabai Bhonsle Udyan”; it is also called “Jijamata Udyan”. Mumbai Zoo is closed on Wednesdays and Zoo timings is from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Just outside the Zoo is the Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum. Closest Local Train station is Byculla on the the Central Line.


Aarey Milk Colony

Spread over 4000 acres, Aarey Milk Colony is a popular picnic spot. Aarey Milk Colony is a large 1,287 hectares, open, green space where cattle are reared for milk. There is a milk processing plant which pasteurizes 40,000 litres of milk per day. Visitors can see the plant from 11:00 am to 5:30 pm (call 022-29272434).

Aarey Milk Colony has a 10 Km stretch of Walker’s track and many nature trails. Aarey Milk Colony is also popular with serious runners. Many Mumbai schools hold their cross-country races at Aarey Milk Colony. Aarey is also popular with cyclist. Deep within Aarey is the Aarey Garden Restaurant. At the Southern tip of Aarey Milk Colony is Chhota Kashmir, a popular boating and picnic spot for the entire family.

Aarey Milk Colony is located between Goregaon (E) in the West and Powai Lake in the East and Borivali National Park in the North. There is a poorly maintained toll road that runs from Powai Lake to Goregaon (E). Western Railway’s Goregaon Station is the closest Suburban Train station.


Chota Kashmir (Aarey Milk Colony): Boating, Picnic Spot

Located in Aarey Milk Colony, off the Aarey Road, “Chota Kashmir” is a family picnic spot. The reason it is called “Chota” (Small) Kashmir is because there is lake with paddle boats, similar to Srinagar’s Dal Lake. “Chotta Kashmir” also has a nice garden, kid’s play area and food stalls. The garden is open from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm. “Chotta Kashmir” is located off the Western Express Highway near Goregaon East and the closest Mumbai Suburban Train station is Goregaon.


Picnic and Outing at Powai Lake

Even though the area around Powai Lake has residential and commercial complexes, there are still places where families can have a picnic along this artificial lake. Powai Lake is also home to Maharashtra’s oldest fishing association, “Maharashtra State Angling Association”, founded in 1936 (contact number 022-28571780). Angling Association is for Mumbai’s fishing enthusiast, who are also involved in the conservation of Powai Lake.

A picnic at Powai Lake, followed by a walk along Powai promenade and a visit to Hiranandani’s Powai complex, is an enjoyable way to spend a family holiday. Powai Hiranandani has many activities for the entire family, including Go Karting, Bowling, Games, Shopping, good restaurants, etc.

A good time to visit Powai Lake is during the monsoon when the lake overflows, forming mini waterfalls. Many Mumbaites visit Powai Lake to get drenched in these waterfalls.

North of Powai Lake is Vihar Lake, which used to be a popular picnic spot, but since 1993 BMC has restricted access to the public.


Flamingo Watching in Mumbai at Sewri and Thane Creek

Flamingos in Mumbai come to the Mahul, Sewree and Thane flatland.


Beautiful pink Lesser Flamingos (Phoenicopterus Minor) visit Mumbai in the winters from November to March. It’s a lovely sight to see hundreds of pink flamingoes, with dark black bills, feeding on the wet mudflats of Sewri and Thane creek. In addition to Flamingoes, bird lovers can also see Kingfishers, Sandpipers, Terns, Harriers, Godwits, Shanks, Gulls, Herons, Black-headed Ibises, Egrets, etc. These Flamingos come from the north for winter, especially from Gujarat’s Rann of Kutch.

There are very few places in India where visitors can see so many flamingos in one place.

The pink Lesser Flamingoes come to the Sewri Creek Mudflats, Mahul and Thane Creek in search of algae, which is their staple food. They also come to breed and lay eggs among Mumbai mangroves.

In the past, many flamingoes would visit the wetlands of Uran, but the reclamation of land for the Navi Mumbai Special Economic Zone (NMSEZ) has destroyed the flamingos’ natural habitat.

To see Mumbai’s flamingoes, travel east from Sewri station up to Sewri wharf. Do carry your binoculars for a closer look at these magnificent birds.


2] Mumbai’s Beaches, Boat Rides and Attractions Related to the Sea

Mumbai’s Walk and Promenades along the Sea Coast

Natural scenic beauty of the Arabian Sea and the cool sea breeze are reasons why people flock to Mumbai’s promenades along the sea. Most Bombay Sea walkways are along the West Coast, which offers stunning sunsets in the evening. Major Sea Walks in Mumbai are as follows:

  • Marine Drive
  • Along Chowpatty Beach
  • Gateway of India
  • Haji Ali and Race Course
  • Worli Sea Face
  • Bandra Bandstand
  • Carter Road
  • Juhu Beach
  • Versova Beach


Elephanta Caves and Boat Ride from Gateway of India

Elephanta Caves is an UNESCO World Heritage Site near Mumbai.


Elephanta Caves is an UNESCO World Heritage Site, located on Elephanta Island (Gharapuri). Elephanta Caves are one of two UNESCO World Heritage Sites located in Mumbai; the other is VT (CST) Station.

Elephanta Caves are located on an island and consists of two Buddhist caves and five Hindu caves, which have carved statues of Hindu Gods. The Hindu caves are mainly dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The largest Elephanta Cave has an imposing 20 feet “Trimurti” sculptor, the three heads of Lord Shiva, which represent creation, protection and destruction.

Elephanta Caves can be reached by boat ferry from Gateway Of India, which is 11 Km (7 miles) away. There are boats every 30 minutes from Gateway Of India, starting at 9:00 am until 2:30 pm. The return ferry service from Elephanta Island to Gateway Of India starts from 12:00 noon and the last boat ferry is at 5:30 pm. Return ticket costs Rs 120.

Tourist can take short pleasure boat rides at Gateway of India which last around 30 minutes. Ferry boats take passengers for a short ride in the Arabian Sea from where they can view the Gateway of India, Taj Mahal Hotel and parts of Mumbai docks. Visit this link for more information on Boat Rides from Gateway of India.


Boat from Gateway of India to Alibag, Via Mandwa

Alibaug is a popular beach destination near Mumbai. Daily boats are available from Gateway of India (Colaba) to Alibag via Mandwa Jetty. Journey from Gateway of India to Mandwa Jetty is by boat and from Mandwa to Alibaug is by bus. Boat service from Gateway of India is from 6:15 am to 6:30 pm. Bus and Boat service from Alibaugh is from 6:55 am to 6:30 pm.

The three operators who offer the Boat and Bus journey from Gateway of India to Alibaug are Ajanta (022-22026364/22023585), PNP (022-22885220/21) and Maldar (022-22829695). Combined cost of Boat Ferry and Bus ticket from Gateway of India (Bori Bandar) to Alibaug is between Rs 85 to Rs 140. Air-conditioned Mumbai-Alibag boat service is around Rs 140. This service is not available in the Monsoon season.

Road Distance from Mumbai (Dadar) to Alibaug is 100 Km and the journey can take over 3 hours. The same journey by boat takes only 2 hours. Distance between Gateway of India to Mandwa Jetty is 15 Km (approx) and from Mandwa to Alibaugh is 20.5 Km.

Beaches in and around Alibag include Alibag beach, Raiwadi Beach, Revdanda Beach, Varsoli Beach, Kihim Beach, Awas Beach, Sasawane Beach and Saaral Beach.


Boat Ferry Services in Mumbai

In addition to the ferry service from Gateway Of India to Elephanta Caves and Alibag, the following ferry rides are also available in Mumbai:

  • Ferry Wharf (Bhaucha Dhakka near Princess Dock) to Uran Boat Ferry
  • Versova Jetty to Madh Island Boat Ferry
  • Marve Beach Ferry to Manori Ferry Point
  • Borivali West (Gorai Khadi or Gorai Creek) to Esselworld Ferry Point at Gorai
  • Borivali West (Gorai Khadi) to Gorai Ferry Point


Beaches in and around Mumbai

Aksa Beach is one of Mumbai's many beaches.


Mumbai has beautiful golden sand beaches. Sadly, the local authorities have not developed beach infrastructure (shower areas, changing rooms, lifeguards, etc) and water sports (skiing, surfing, boating, etc). As a result, taking a dip in the sea is a challenge. Beaches along Madh Island, Uttan and Gorai have shacks and small hotels which offer rooms; these are ideal for a day out at Mumbai’s beach.

  • Chowpatty Beach
  • Dadar/Shivaji Park Beach
  • Juhu Beach
  • Versova Beach
  • Madh Island Beaches  – Marve Beach, Hamla Beach, Aksa Beach, Dana Pani Beach, Erangal Beach, Silver Beach
  • Uttan Beach
  • Gorai Beach
  • Manori Beach


  • Beaches North of Mumbai – Kelva Beach, Mahim Beach, Palghar Beach, Boisar Beach, Navapur Beach, Umbergaon Beach
  • Beaches South of Mumbai – Alibag beach, Kashid Beach, Murud Beach, Kondvil Beach, Aaravi Beach, Harihareshwar Beach, Raiwadi Beach, Revdanda Beach, Varsoli Beach, Kihim Beach, Awas Beach, Sasawane Beach Saaral Beach



  • Sea along the Madh, Gorai and Uttan Beaches has strong undercurrents; so it is not advisable to go deep into the water.
  • Even in a city like Mumbai there are idiots who stand and stare at ladies wearing swimsuits. It is advisable for ladies to dress modestly at the beach.


H2O Water Sports Complex

Located at Girgaon Chowpatty Beach, Mumbai’s H2O Water Sports Complex offers water and beach related activities, including, Jet Skiing, Water Skiing, Wake Boarding, Parasailing, Sailing, Wind Surfing, Kayaking, Beach Volleyball, Speed Boats, Luxury Boats for hire, Bay Cruise, Yacht Charter, events, etc. H2O Water Sports Complex has trained and certified life guards and they use international standard equipment.


3] Mumbai Tourist Spots, Walks, Tours, Activities for Families

Tourist Attractions and Places of Interest in South Mumbai

South Mumbai is Mumbai’s main tourist destination. South Bombay has stunning architecture and is a tourist’s delight. South Mumbai’s architecture is a mix of Victorian influences, Gothic architecture, Art Deco architecture and Indo-Saracenic architecture (mix of Islamic, Hindu, English Gothic, Victorian and Neo-Classical). Mumbai’s Marine Drive has the second largest collection of Art-Deco Architecture in the world. India has submitted Victorian and Art Deco Ensemble of Mumbai to UNESCO Committee for evaluation as a World Heritage Site.

Key Tourist attractions in South Mumbai are Colaba, Gateway of India, Mumbai’s Art District, Museum, Oval, Fort, VT (CST), Churchgate, Marine Drive, Azad Maidan, Cross Maidan, Crawford Market, Hanging Garden, Haji Ali, Mahalaxmi, Worli Sea Face, etc.

This link has detailed information on a One Day Walking Tour of South Mumbai’s Main Attractions.


Interesting Mumbai City Tours

Listed below are some interesting city tours in Mumbai:

  • Many tour operators offer a daily Mumbai Tour, also called “Mumbai Darshan”. These are guided tours of the main tourist places in Bombay.
  • Bollywood Studio Tour where Hindi movies are filmed. This link has maps of Hindi movie stars who live in Mumbai.
  • Guided tour of Dharavi conducted by Reality Tours and Travel. 80% of the post tax profit is given to a Dharavi NGO.
  • “Mumbai by Night” tour by Reality Tours and Travel.
  • Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) conducts nature walks every weekend. Visit their website for schedule.
  • Tour operator Mumbai Magic conducts tours on the people of Mumbai and Bombay attractions by local transport.
  • MTDC runs a South Mumbai tour on an open air tour bus (“Nilambari”). Bus is available on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Breakaway runs a tour of Dhobhighat (Washer man area) and Mumbai’s unique “Dabbawalas”


Mumbai’s Best Temples and Famous Mumbai Religious Places

Jain Temple at Malabar Hill Mumbai's most famous Jain Mandir.


Listed below are some of Mumbai’s best Temples, Mosques, Jain Mandirs, Synagogues and places of religious worship:

  • Mumba Devi Temple, which is near Crawford Market and Jhaveri Bazaar. Goddess Mumbadevi is the patron Goddess of Mumbai and the city is named after her.
  • Mahalaxmi Temple near Peddar Road and Haji Ali
  • Babulnath Temple (Girgaum, Chowpatty), ISKCON temple is opposite it
  • ISKCON Temples at Girgaon (Chowpatty) and Juhu
  • Babu Amichand Panalal Adishwarji Jain Temple at Malabar Hill
  • Godiji Parshwanath Jain Temple in Pydhonie
  • Haji Ali Mosque
  • Gate of Mercy Synagogue at Masjid Bunder
  • Keneseth Eliyahoo Synagogue at Kala Ghoda
  • Shree Siddhivinayak Temple at Prabhadevi
  • Banganga, which is a lovely holy pond with temples all around it; the most famous temple is Shri Walkeshwar Temple. Banganga is located at the end of Walkeshwar and Napean Sea Road.
  • Hari Mandir at Guru Tegh Bahadur Nagar
  • Swaminarayan Temple at Dadar East
  • Phanswadi Tirupathi Balaji Temple, also called Sree Venkateshwara Devasthanam at Charni Road
  • Hanuman Mandir at Dadar East
  • Sitaladevi Temple at Mahim
  • Kanyakaparameshwari Temple and Kannikaparemashwari Mandir at Telang Road, Matunga East. There are 15 temples at Matunga.
  • St. Thomas’s Cathedral at Fort
  • Cathedral of Holy Name at Regal, Colaba
  • Afghan Church and RC Church at the North end of Colaba, before Navy Nagar
  • Gloria Church at Byculla
  • Mount Mary Basilica at Hill Road, Bandra West
  • St. Andrew’s Church at Bandra West
  • St. Michael’s Church at Mahim
  • Portuguese Church at Dadar West
  • Holy Cross Church, Kurla
  • Church of Our Lady of Dolours at Wadala
  • Elephanta Caves which have Buddhist and Hindu idols
  • Kanheri Caves inside Borivali National Park, which is an ancient Buddhist place of worship
  • Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Temple at Worli
  • Global Pagoda at Gorai beach, which at 29 feet is the world’s largest stone dome that is built without any supporting pillars
  • Jama Masjid Mosque at Crawford Market, Kalbadevi
  • Manekji Sett Shenshai Fire Temple (Agiary) at Fort, Mumbai. NOTE: Only Parsees are allowed in Fire Temples.


Best Gardens and Parks in Mumbai Gardens

Mumbai's Hanging Garden Park has great views of South Mumbai.


Listed below are some of Mumbai’s beat gardens,  parks and open recreational spaces:

  • Priyadarshani Park, Hanging Garden and Kamla Nehru Park are 3 great gardens and parks in Malabar Hill and Napean Sea Road.
  • Harish Mahindra Children’s Park at Breach Candy has fun equipment for kids. Breach Candy also has the Breach Candy Garden (Tata Garden) and Amarson Garden
  • Maidans of South Mumbai, including Oval Maidan, Cross Maidan and Azad Maidan
  • Horniman Circle Garden, Fort
  • Mahalakshmi Race Course
  • Shivaji Park and Sane Guruji Garden near Siddhivinayak Temple
  • Jogger’s Park and Patwardhan Park and D’Monte Park at Bandra West
  • Juju Garden, Muktananda Park, Rotary Park and Kaifi Azmi Park at Juhu
  • Veer Savarkar Udyan and Sanjay Gandhi National Park at Borivali
  • Bombay Presidency Golf Club and Diamond Gardens at Chembur
  • Kalidas Park and Johnson and Johnson Garden in Mulund
  • Prabodhankar Thackeray Udyan at Parel
  • Joseph Baptista Garden at Dockyard Road (Mazgaon)


Best Malls in Mumbai that Offer Entertainment

In addition to shopping, the below Mumbai Malls also offer great food and entertainment.

  • High Street Phoenix at Lower Parel has four shopping zones – “Palladium” for high end luxury shopping, SkyZone, Grand Galleria and High Street Units. There are 500 brands available in an area of 3.3 million sq ft. Children and families enjoy movies at the 7 screen PVR, multi-cuisine food court, toys at Hamleys, special events at the malls, rides and games.
  • Atria Millennium Mall at Worli has shops selling high end luxury products. It also has a large entertainment area for kids and families and a food court.
  • InOrbit Mall at Link Road, Malad has a mix of international and national brands. On the top floor is a large food court with seating for 800 and 26 restaurants, Inox cinema, play area called “Time Zone”. InOrbit has also opened a mall at Vashi in Navi Mumbai.
  • Oberoi Mall at Goregaon has a large central Atrium around which is shops, PVR cinema halls, Kid’s area, a crèche, games and restaurants.
  • R City Mall, LBS at Ghatkopar West is a 1.2 lakh sq ft mall at LBS. For families and kids, there is “Jammin” (Gaming Zone), “Horror House”, Big Cinema movie halls, 46 restaurants/food kiosks, etc. India’s first “Kidzania” is at R City Mall. Kidzania is an edutainment park for kids from 4 to 14 where they learn while playing games. Shahrukh Khan is part owner of Kidzania. Kidzania ticket cost Rs 700 for 5 hours.
  • Raghuleela at Kandivali has 800 shops is spread over 4 floors. Raghuleela also has a bowling alley, gaming zone, food court, 4 Fame cinema halls. Raghuleela also has a mall at Vashi.


4] Mumbai’s Art, Museums, History, Educational Places for Families

Art Galleries and Art Precinct of Mumbai

The largest Art Precinct of Mumbai is in and around Colaba and Kala Ghoda. Prominent galleries in this area include Jahangir Art Gallery (near the Museum), National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) (opposite the museum), Volte (Arthur Bunder Road, near Radio Club, Colaba), Sakshi Art Gallery (Arthur Bunder Road, near Radio Club, Colaba), Lakeeren, The Contemporary Art Gallery (Arthur Bunder Road, near Radio Club, Colaba),  Chemould Prescott Road Gallery (Queen’s Mansion, Fort), Pundole Art Gallery (DN Road, Fort), Tasveer (ICIA House, Kala Ghoda), Project 88 (BMP Building, Colaba), Jehangir Nicholson Art Foundation (in the Prince of Wales Museum), Gallery Maskara (Third Pasta Lane, Colaba), Galerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke (Mereweather Road, Behind Taj Mahal Hotel), Chatterjee & Lal (Kamal Mahal, Arthur Bunder Road, near Radio Club, Colaba ), The Guild Art Gallery (Kamal Mahal, Arthur Bunder Road, near Radio Club, Colaba), Amrita and Priya Jhaveri Project Space (Bungalow 8, Arthur Bunder Road, near Radio Club, Colaba), Mumbai Art Room (Fourth Pasta Lane, Colaba)


Prince of Wales Museum is Mumbai’s main Museum

Mumbai’s biggest museum, “Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya”, was previously called Prince of Wales Museum.

Mumbai’s Prince of Wales Museum has three main sections – Art, Archaeology and Natural History. Over 50,000 Indian and international artifacts are on display at “Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya”.

The impressive Bombay Museum building is built in the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture, which was popular in Bombay in the late 19th and early 20th century. Mumbai’s Prince of Wales Museum is located at Kala Ghoda (near Regal, Colaba and Fort) in South Mumbai.


Mani Bhavan: Mahatma Gandhi’s Mumbai Residence and Museum

Obama in Mahatma Gandhi's room at Mani Bhavan in Mumbai.


Mani Bhavan was Mahatma Gandhi’s Mumbai headquarters from 1917 to 1934. Key movements related to India’s independence (Satyagraha, Non-Cooperation movement, Swadeshi, Khadi, Khilafat, etc) were started here.

Mani Bhavan has many Mahatma Gandhi photos and articles. Mani Bhavan is located at Gamdevi, near Chowpatty beach. Mani Bhavan is close to August Kranti Maidan from where the Quit India movement was started in 1942.


Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum at Mumbai Zoo

  • Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum is Mumbai’s oldest museum. It has artifacts related to Bombay’s history and culture.
  • The Bhau Daji Lad Museum has beautiful interiors. Bhau Daji Lad Museum building is based on Palladian design. The museum building and interiors were recently restored after extensive work.
  • Bhau Daji Lad Museum has been awarded UNESCO’s “Award of Excellence”.
  • Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum is located near the entrance of Mumbai Zoo (“Jijimata Udyan”) at Byculla East.
  • Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum has 6 galleries and a library. Museum tours are conducted on Saturday and Sunday. Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum is closed on Wednesday and some public holidays. Its timing is from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Visit Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum’s excellent website for further information.


RBI Monetary Museum at Ballard Estate, Mumbai

Located at Ballard Estate (near Fort and VT), the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) Monetary Museum has artifacts and information regarding money, coins and Reserve Bank of India. RBI Monetary Museum has six sections.


Nehru Planetarium

Mumbai's Nehru Center Planetarium holds educational shows.


Nehru Planetarium has daily, multiple documentary shows about space and astronomy in Hindi and English. These shows are a good educational tool for children.

When visiting Nehru Planetarium, do visit the Nehru center which has information on the history of India, visit the theater for a play and visit the art gallery.


Tarapore Aquarium

Below average fish Aquarium, whose biggest advantage is that is located on the amazing Marine Drive.


Forts in Mumbai

Most of Mumbai’s forts are in dilapidated condition. Forts in Bombay include:

  • Bombay Castle (Casa da Orta), which is now a naval building
  • Bandra Fort (Castella de Aguada)
  • Sewree Fort
  • Mazagon Fort
  • Worli Fort
  • Mahim Fort, the oldest of Bombay’s forts
  • Madh Fort
  • Sion Fort


5] Mumbai’s Theme Parks and Amusement Parks for the Entire Family

Adlabs Imagica Theme Park

  • Adlabs Imagica is India’s biggest international quality entertainment theme park. With 21 rides and attractions, Adlabs Imagica is bigger than many Asian theme parks.
  • Some of the best rides at Adlabs Imagica are Nitro (Asia’s largest roller coaster), Scream Machine, Mr India, D2 Dare Drop, “I For India”, Deep Space, Alibaba, Cinema 360, Curse of Salimgarh, Bandits of Robin Hood (Roller coaster for young children), Bump in Boats. Visit this link for more information on Adlabs Imagica – It’s rides, ticket cost, directions.
  • Spread over 6 zones, Adlabs Imagica also offers stage shows, street entertainment and exciting food. Those visiting should plan to spend the entire day.
  • Adlabs Imagica timing is from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm, though the theme park ticket counter opens at 10:00 am and the park closes at 9:00 pm.
  • Adlabs Imagica is located at Khopoli which is 70 Km from Mumbai and 90 Km from Pune. Visit this link for details on how to reach Adlabs Imagica.
  • Ticket costs on weekends and holidays are more than on weekend. Do visit their website for information on current ticket deals and discounts.
  • Adlabs Water Park is expected to start in 2014.


EsselWorld Amusement Park and Water Kingdom

  • EsselWorld is a large amusement park with rides, games and food and Water Kingdom is a Theme Water Park. Both these parks are located over 64 acres at Gorai in North-West Mumbai.
  • Essel World is India’s largest amusement park (different from theme park) with 9 adult rides, 14 children’s rides and 13 family activities. In addition is also has a 3,400 sq ft ice skating rink, 6 lane bowling alley, a dance floor and 6 food outlets.
  • Water Kingdom claims to be Asia’s largest Theme Water Park.  Essel Water Kingdom has 21 water based attractions/rides spread over 5 zones (Lagoon, Missphisly Hill, Adventure Amazonia, Wetlantic and Brat Zone). NOTE: Nylon or Lycra swimwear is compulsory for all visitors. In case visitors forget, swimwear is available at Essel Water Kingdom.
  • Both EsselWorld Amusement Park and Water Kingdom are open from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. Visit their website for latest prices and ticket deals.


Fun Fare (Mela) Locations in Mumbai

Throughout the city there are places which have basic amusement rides (merry-go-round, wheels, rocking boats, etc), inflatable jumpers, horse rides, etc. Usually these places come to life in the evening when offices are closed. Some such locations in Mumbai are:

  • Nariman Point (evenings and on Sundays)
  • Cooperage
  • Aarey Milk Colony
  • Breach Candy
  • Wonderland Park, Neral
  • Chowpatty,
  • Juhu Beach


6] Sports, Games, Physical Activity in Mumbai for Kids and Parents

Cricket Match at a Mumbai Maidan (Play Ground)

A cricket pitch can be hired for a day at one of Mumbai’s cricket maidans (grounds). Popular Mumbai Cricket grounds are Azad Maidan , Cross Maidan, Oval Maidan, Shivaji Park, Matunga (W) outside Ruia college, etc.


Bowling Alleys in Mumbai

Bowling is a fun activity which the entire family can indulge in. Bowling alleys in Mumbai are at:

  • Smaash, Kamala Mills Compound, Lower Parel
  • Inorbit Mall, Link Road, Malad West
  • Space Jam, Infiniti Mall, Link Road, Malad West,
  • Raghuleela Mall, S. V. Rd, Kandivali West
  • Club Aquaria, LIC Colony, Borivali West
  • Essel World, Gorai
  • Acres Club, Sindhi Society, Chembur
  • R City Mall, L B S Marg, Ghatkopar West
  • Raghuleela Mall, Opposite Vashi Railway Station


Go Karting

Hiranandani Gardens at Powai has a Go Kart race track.


  • Hakone, Hiranandani, Powai
  • Acres Club, Sindhi Society, Chembur


H2O Water Sports Complez

Located at Chowpatty (Gigaum), H2O Water Sports Complez offers equipment and trainers for various water sports. Please see the above section on H2O Water Sports Complez.


Shooting Range in Mumbai

Maharashtra Rifle Association has modern shooting ranges in distances of 10, 25 and 50 meter. Maharashtra Rifle Association’s shooting range is located at Worli Sea Face.


7] Activities and Places of Interest Outside Mumbai

Listed below are tourist attractions outside Mumbai. Many of these tourist places are near Mumbai and can be covered in a day.


UNESCO World Heritage Sites In and Around Mumbai

Of 30 UNESCO World Heritage Sites recognized by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), the following these are in and around Mumbai city:

  • Ajanta Buddhist Caves (460 Km)
  • Ellora Caves which have Buddhist, Hindu and Jain religious sites (350 Km)
  • Elephanta Caves which have Hindu and Buddhist religious sites
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, which was earlier, Victoria Terminus
  • Western Ghats (also known as the Sahyadri Mountains, a mountain range along the western side of India and one of the world’s ten “Hottest biodiversity hotspots” (sub cluster nomination)) – A total of thirty nine properties (including national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and reserve forests) were designated as world heritage sites – twenty in the state of Kerala, ten in Karnataka, five in Tamil Nadu and four in Maharashtra.
    • Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary (210 Km)
    • Chandoli National Park (390 Km)
    • Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary (300 Km)
    • Kas Plateau (285 Km)


Apart from the 30 sites inscribed on the World Heritage list, India has also maintained a list of tentative sites for recognition which has been submitted to UNESCO Committee for evaluation and acceptance.

  • The Matheran Light Railway, which runs from Neral to Matheran Hill Station


Beaches Outside and Near Mumbai

  • Alibaug and Kihim Beach Via Ferry. Other beaches near Alibagh are Mandwa Beach, Raiwadi Beach, Revdanda Beach, Varsoli Beach, Awas Beach, Sasawane Beach and Saaral Beach.
  • Kashid Beach (130 Km) and Korlai Beach (120 Km)
  • Murud Janjira Beach and Fort (150 Km)
  • Shriwardhan Harihareshwar (175 Km)
  • Vengurla Beach and Velneshwar (290 Km)
  • Ganapatipule (325 Km)
  • Tarkali (540 Km)
  • Dahanu Bordi Beach (145 Km)
  • Kelwa Beach and Mahim Beach near Palghar Boisar  (110 Km)
  • Umbergaon Beach (160 Km)
  • Daman and Diu (180 Km)


Hill Stations near Mumbai

  • Matheran (90 Km)
  • Malshej Ghat (135 Km)
  • Lonavala and Khandala (90 Km)
  • Bhandardhara (170 Km)
  • Mahabaleshwar (270 Km)
  • Panchgani (250 Km)
  • Panhala (390 Km)
  • Amboli (500 Km)
  • Jawhar (160 Km)
  • Toranamal (470 Km)


Forts in Maharashtra that are Close to Mumbai

  • Panhala Fort (Panhalgarh Fort)
  • Ahmednagar Fort
  • Raigad Fort
  • Rajgad
  • Sindhudurg Fort
  • Suvarnadurg, Gova Fort, Kanakadurg Fort, Fatehgarh Fort
  • Vijaydurg Fort
  • Murud-Janjira Fort
  • Pratapgarh Fort
  • Devagiri or Daultabad Fort
  • Shivneri (birth place of Shivaji)
  • Sinhagad Fort
  • Vishalgad Fort (Khelna)
  • Torna Fort
  • Tokona (Vitandgad)
  • Sudhagad (Bhorapgad) Fort
  • Purandar Fort
  • Ajinkyatara Fort
  • Malhargad
  • Kolaba Fort (Kulaba Fort)
  • Arnala Fort
  • Mahur Fort
  • Lohagarh Visapur Fort
  • Vasai Fort
  • Gavilgarh Fort
  • Trayambak Fort (Brahmagath), Chakan Fort


Religious Places Near Mumbai

  • Shirdi
  • Ashta Vinayak
  • Mahalaxmi Temple (Kolhapur)
  • Nanded
  • Nashik
  • Pandarpur
  • Shani Shingnapur
  • Bhimashankar (one of the 5 Jyotirlinga in Maharasthra)
  • Aundha Nagnath (Jyotirlinga)
  • Ghrishneshwar (Jyotirlinga)
  • Parli Vaijnath (Jyotirlinga)
  • Trimbakeshwar (Jyotirlinga)
  • Anwar Temple
  • Alandi
  • Dehu
  • Jejuri


Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks near Mumbai in Maharashtra

  • Dajippur Wildlife Sanctuary, Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Mayani Bird Sanctuary
  • Sahyadri Tiger Reserve, which consists of Chandoli National Park and Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Mayureswar Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Sagareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Yawal Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary (Jawaharlal Nehru Bustard Sanctuary)
  • Karnala Bird Sanctuary


Adventure Sports Around Mumbai

  • Blue Bulb offers paragliding, kayaking, sailing lessons, paintball, scuba diving, white water rafting, fishing, various exciting workshops, etc. Visit Blue Bulb’s website for more information.
  • Della Adventure at Kunegaon, Lonavala offers 90 rides and activities
  • Outbound Adventure runs one-day rafting trips on the Ulhas River near Karjat
  • Snorkeling and Scuba Diving courses at Tarkali
  • Camping at Bhatye near Ratnagiri
  • Water sports (kayaking, windsurfing, speed boats, etc) at Panshet
  • Rope rappelling at Kondana caves in Karjat and Tungarli Dam in Lonavala
  • Climbing at Mumbra and Borivali National Park
  • White water rafting, rappelling, kayaking at Kundalika River at Kolad
  • Jet skiing, kayaking, ZORB Balls, Sand bike at Mandawa Beach by Pioneer Adventure Sports


Religious Caves in and outside Mumbai

  • Kanheri Caves,
  • Elephanta Caves,
  • Karla Buddhist Caves
  • Bhaja Buddhist Caves
  • Ajanta and Ellora Caves
  • Pitalkhora Buddhist Caves


Karnala Bird Sanctuary and Karnala Fort

Karnala Bird Sanctuary is a forest area (National Park), which is an ideal place for bird watchers, picnickers and trekkers. Karnala Bird Sanctuary is located beyond Navi Mumbai at a distance of 12.5 Kms from Panvel, 25 Km from Palm Beach Road at Belapur and 52 Km from Dadar, Mumbai.

Around 150 species of birds can be seen at Karnala Bird Sanctuary. The two main bird watching season are at the start of the monsoon (second week of June) and winter when 37 species of migratory birds arrive at Karnala Bird Sanctuary. The open greenery of Karnala Bird Sanctuary is a great place for the family to enjoy a picnic.

Karnala Fort is a short 1 hour trek, which is popular with trekkers.


Lonar, Maharashtra

  • Lonar is the world’s third largest crater formed by a meteorite from space.
  • The crater is filled with water to form a lake.




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