Vila ParleCha Peshwa Is Mumbai's Most Environment Friendly Ganesh



  • “Vila Parle Cha Peshwa” Ganpati is Mumbai’s most environment friendly Big Ganesh.
  • “Vile Parlecha Peshwa” Ganesha is organized by Bal Gopal Mitra Mandal, at Vile Parle East.
  • Since 2008, “Vila Parle Cha Peshwa” has been Mumbai’s most eco-friendly large Ganpati Idol.
  • The 2015 “”Vila Parle Cha Peshwa” Ganesh is made of tissue paper and recycled bamboo, it weighs 150 Kgs and is 22 feet tall. It cost only Rs 18,000.
  • “Vila Parlecha Peshwa” Ganesha has shown that large environment friendly Ganpati Idols can be made.
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