GSB Seva Mandal is Mumbai’s famous Eco-friendly Ganesh

GSB Seva Mandal is Mumbai's famous Eco-friendly Ganpati



  • This is the Ganesh Photo of the 2016 GSB Seva Mandal (King Circle) Ganpati. It is one of Mumbai’s most famous Ganpati Idols.
  • This majestic Ganesh Idol is 21 feet tall and is made of clay (“Shadu”). Since it is made of clay it is easier to dissolve in the Arabian Sea than the other large Plaster of Paris (POP) Ganesh idols in Mumbai.
  • GSB Seva Mandal’s Ganesh Murti is an environmentally friendly large Ganpati.
  • The GSB Seva Mandal Ganesh Idol is made by murtikars Avinash Patkar and Ashish Patkar.


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