Pictures, News Of Miss India, Rochelle Rao, At Miss International 2012

Article has pictures and progress updates of Miss India International 2012, Rochelle Maria Rao, at the 2012 Miss International Beauty Pageant in Okinawa. Rochelle Rao’s profile and details about her family are discussed.

 Bikini swimsuit photo of Miss India International 2012, Rochelle Maria Rao



Pictures of Miss India, Rochelle Maria Rao, at Miss International 2012 Pageant

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2012 Miss India, Rochelle Maria Rao’s Profile and Vital Statistics

  • Rochelle Maria Rao was crowned Pantaloons Femina Miss India International 2012.
  • Rochelle Rao’s Age: 23 years
  • Rochelle Rao’s Vital Statistics: 34-25-37 in
  • Rochelle Rao’s Height: 5 ft 7 in (170 cm)
  • Rochelle Rao’s Place of Birth: Chennai in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu
  • Rochelle Rao’s Religion: Catholic Christian. Rochelle is religious.
  • Rochelle Rao’s Family: Rochelle Rao’s father is Dr Nicolas V Rao. He is a believer in natural healing and an expert in herbal extracts. He is also a keen photographer who has taught at Chennai University. Wendy Rao is Rocelle Rao’s mother. Rochelle’s elder Paloma Rao is an actress and TV host. Rochelle has elder twin brothers Fritz David Rao and the late Noel Rohn Rao. Noel Rao was a highly decorated soldier in the United States Army. He was Squad Leader in the United States Maintenance Platoon. He died during a tour of duty in Afganistan. This link contains detailed information on Rochelle Rao’s Family.
  • Rochelle Rao’s Unique Facial Features: Rochelle gets her unique and distinctive features from her ethnically diverse parents. Rochelle’s mother, Mrs Wendy Rao, is an Anglo Indian and her father, Dr Nicholas Rao is half German and half Telegu. Rochelle’s Paternal Grandmother is German.
  • Rochelle Rao’s Education: She studied at M.O.P. Vaishnav College for Woman.
  • Rochelle Rao’s Hobbies and Interests: Her Hobbies and Interests are social work, nature, meeting new people, cooking, music, reading and traveling.
  • Rochelle Rao’s Social Work: Rochelle is the goodwill ambassador of Smile Foundation, a Non-Government Organization (NGO) that works with young children from underprivileged backgrounds.


Team That Helped Miss India Prepare For Miss International 2012

Listed below are the people who have been grooming and helping Femina Miss India International 2012, Rochelle Maria Rao, get ready for the 2012 Miss International Pageant. For the last 5 months, Femina Miss India International 2012, Rochelle Rao, along with her fellow 2012 Pantaloon Femina Miss India Winners, Vanya Mishra (Femina Miss India World 2012) and Prachi Mishra (Femina Miss India Earth 2012), have been preparing hard for their respective international beauty pageants. Since the Miss India contest Rochelle has lost 8 kgs in weight.

  • Mark Robinson – Director and Overall supervision
  • National Costume Challenge Dress – Lehenga by Ritu Kumar. Also a peacock feather headgear.
  • Final Round Gown – Red gown by designer Rakesh Agarwal
  • Wardrobe – Amit Hansraj
  • Clothes for the pageant – Jaya Mishra
  • Diction – Sabrina Merchant and Alicia Raut
  • Ramp Walk – Alicia Raut
  • Fitness, Pilates – Samir Purohit and the Pilates Studio
  • Skin Care – Dr Jamuna Pai
  • Teeth and Dental Care – Dr Sundesh Mayakar
  • Hair, Makeup, Pageant Cosmetic kit – Marvie Ann Beck
  • Hair – Kantha
  • Nails – Glory Salon


India at Miss International Beauty Pageant

India has participated in the Miss International pageant since its inception in 1960. Even though no Indian has ever won a Miss International title, 3 Indian have been 1st Runner Up (Iona Pinto – 1960, Diya Abraham – 1997, Shonali Nagrani – 2003), 3 Indians have been 2nd Runner Up (Indira Maria Bredemeyer – 1975, Nafisa Ali – 1976, Shwetha Jaishanker – 1998) and 11 Indians have been Semi-Finalists.



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