Jan 202012

Bombay’s finest restaurants will collect money for charity in January 2012


In January, 2012, some of Mumbai’s finest restaurants will collect money for charity from their patrons. When making payment for their food bill, customers will have the opportunity of giving money to charity. The entire money collected will be used by NGO “STEP UP” to provide food and nutritional supplements for children. Money will also be used for funding chemotherapy sessions of children in need. A similar initiative was undertaken by “STEP UP” in September 2011, where Rs 28,000 was raised for charity.


Mumbai Restaurants That Are Participating In Charity “Restaurant Campaign 2012”

  • TGI Fridays (in Mumbai)
  • The Table
  • Kala Ghoda Café
  • Indigo
  • Neel at Tote on the Turf,
  • Suzette,
  • Joss at Kala Ghoda
  • Amadeus,
  • Cool Chef Cafe,
  • Cafe at the NCPA



STEP UP is a fundraising platform which collects money on behalf of selected charities which work to improve the welfare of Mumbai’s children. Their focus is charities that work in the field of education, shelter, providing basic necessities, preventing abuse, etc.  STEP UP aims to make giving simple. To do this by running campaigns where they ask customers to add on a few rupees to everyday bills that they pay at restaurants, bars, cinemas, shops, etc. Charities to which STEP UP donates money are Bal Jeevan Trust and Mumbai Mobile Crèche.

  One Response to “Restaurant Campaign 2012 – Mumbai’s Finest Restaurants Raise Money For Charity”

  1. That is really a great idea for helping children. I love that these companies will participate in events like these and it makes me want to eat at their restaurants more because they are giving.