Tips For Visitors To The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

  1. Expect large crowds on the weekend for the Kala Ghoda Festival. Weekends also have the maximum events. K Dubash Marg (Rampart Row) is usually jam packed; try to avoid it, especially in the evening.
  2. Carry your camera.
  3. Some of the movie and theatre halls tend to be small. For popular movies / plays expect large crowds. It is advisable to reach the hall 15 to 30 minutes before start of movie / play.



  1. Music concerts at the Asiatic Library are very popular and hence very crowded. It is advisable to take your seat on the steps of the library at least 45 minutes before the start of the concert. The seats in the middle steps tend to be the best.
  2. Kala Ghoda 2013 Music events are held at the Cross Maidan. The good thing about Cross Maidan is that there is ample space. The down side is that it is about 1 km away from Kala Ghoda. So please factor in the travel time in case you intend to attend events at Cross Maidan and Kala Ghoda.
  3. Amphitheatre in the middle of Kala Ghoda (K Dubash Marg) seems good sized, but for popular events, it gets filled quickly. Be there 10 – 15 minutes before the start of the event that you want to watch. This is also a great place to take a short pit stop and put up your legs. Because of noise issues and a court order, there will be no music events at this venue.
  4. The Visual Art installations (sculptures, paintings, audio-visual, interactive, etc) at the Kala Ghoda festival are amazing. It’s fun discovering all of them.
  5. Please visit the NGO stalls on the main Kala Ghoda Street (K Dubash Marg) and the parking lot outside Jahengir Art Gallery. Many of the products sold are made by village artisans and they are amazing.
  6. This year’s winter has been chilly and it is still lingering. The open stage plays in Hornaman Circle and concerts at the Asiatic Library Steps can go on till 10:00 pm. It can get a little chilly.



  1. Registration for most “Workshops” and “Heritage Walks” can be done at the venue itself. There are some that require prior registration. On the weekends when the rush is the most, the Kala Ghoda workshops get full quickly. It is advisable to go register 2 hours before the workshop. This will ensure that you are able to participate in the workshop.
  2. The FOOD events are a new category that were introduced in the 2012 Kala Goda Festival. The 2013 Kala Ghoda program has sessions with famous Chefs in the cool confines of Westside store..
  3. Parking can be a challenge. There are some parking spots around Kala Ghoda at Gateway of India, near Regal, on Colaba causeway, the road behind Taj Hotel, near University (on weekends), near Horniman Circle, Flora Fountain, Fort (during the weekends), VT, Mantralaya, Nariman Point, Churchgate and Marine Drive.
  4. Kala Ghoda Festival is a great outing for parents and kids. It is both fun and educational. Have a great family outing. In 2013 there are 88 events for Children, mostly in the Museum Garden.



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